The One-Stop Shop for DIBs Looking for CMMC Compliance

SolCyber's Foundational Coverage helps DIB supplies achieve compliance with the upcoming CMMC regulations.

CMMC compliance can be a daunting task for DIBs. Level 2, which most companies will require, contains 110 security controls to protect our nation’s CUI. Meeting these controls can be difficult for many companies, from procuring compliant security technologies to staffing 24x7 security monitoring and response.

While SolCyber’s Foundational Coverage doesn’t cover every control, it gets you a large portion of the way there. The simple subscription provides access to US citizen SOC, FedRAMP and/or GovCloud technology licenses and detailed documentation on all the controls we cover. A named compliance integration manager is also assigned to help with audits along the way.

Our platform is designed to not only protect from traditional malware-based attacks but is also identity-led to detect credential abuse and even fraudulent emails. Any suspicious activity will be owned by our SOC from confirming the attack; to identifying the scope; and to removing the attackers access so you can continue to operate your business.

Maybe most importantly for our existing customers, the service continuously works with your IT team to tighten defenses over time just like the military during peace time. Got a question with security, just ask! We’re not limited to just active threats.

As the standards have yet to be finalized and will be updated on an on-going basis, we’ll continue to evolve our services along the way.

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