Step-By-Step Guidance from your Most Experienced Technicians and Trainers.

Manifest gives deskless workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime. Easily harness the knowledge of your experts. No development or special skills required.

Manifest’s patented user-based authoring decreases the time to create content from weeks to hours.

Manifest was designed to work in the most secure, austere, and remote locations. The flexibility of the platform makes it easy to distribute the knowledge to empower your workforce wherever they may be. Manifest can be hosted in any cloud and can also be deployed on-premise on air-gapped servers without any connectivity. It’s device agnostic and will run on heads up displays, mobile phones, and tablets and can be used completely disconnected.

Experts quickly document and record their specialized knowledge while operators and teams follow work instructions and complete complex and unfamiliar tasks efficiently.

Technicians can work independently or collaborate and share procedures with teammates. Integrated communications capabilities allow workers to reach out to experts whenever they run into unforeseen problems. Audio, video, and text chats as well as video sharing allows experts to remotely obtain context and offer guidance.

With the Manifest Open API, IIoT and SCADA data can be integrated to provide real[1]time sensor data, and warnings within the operators’ field of view so faster and better decisions can be made while performing procedures.

Management can track progress, training, business efficiencies, review evidence of completed tasks and evaluate performance, ultimately applying institutional expertise to help your workforce move faster, reduce human error, and increase quality while driving consistency across your organization.

Customers from a diverse set of industries are improving their operations and productivity with the Manifest platform. At PBC Linear, a US manufacturer of linear motion systems, Manifest speeds up technician training. They have decreased the time to get workers up to speed on complex procedures from three weeks to three days.

The US Air Force was able to decrease error rates of first year air mechanics from 92% to 0% when performing C-5 engine maintenance procedures. And technicians at PGT Industries, a window manufacturer, now complete 2-hour machine maintenance procedures in 40 minutes using step-by-step, guided instructions created by their experts in Manifest.

The U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Novartis, Jabil, Vodafone, SpaceX, Berkeley Labs and many other Manifest customers are also increasing efficiencies, safety, and quality while decreasing waste and scrap, time to resolution, time to value and generating force