Qii.AI is the "key" to drone inspections at scale.

Qii.AI is a computer vision and machine learning platform that is configured to enable remote (drone) inspections of critical public infrastructure and other assets like dams, bridges, road and runway surfaces, aircraft and ships, buildings, and towers, from visual, thermal, sonar, and LIDAR data. The platform begins with best-in-class data management - allowing efficient organization, storage, and managed-sharing of data with all stakeholders in an organization, as well as those outside the organization, such as 3rd party consultants and engineers.

But more than this, the Qii.AI platform also empowers inspectors and engineers through the creation of a digital twin and artificial intelligence to automatically select the best images for review (saving time) and to identify and easily quantify suspected problems such as cracks, corrosion, and potholes, as well as other change detection over time, so that inspectors can monitor the rates at which problems are growing. Qii.AI gets "smarter" as you work with it, making the work of inspections more and more efficient. In fact, the Qii.AI platform can be configured to identify and quantify whatever is needed in the data, from features like electrical resistors to defects like cracks and dents. Finally, Qii.AI's individually siloed databases and user-defined, unique AI means Licensees never need to worry that their data or their efforts are being used for anyone else's benefit.

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