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Active Directory Security and Recovery Solutions for the Public Sector

Semperis modernizes public sector agencies' enterprise directory services to combat newfound identity-based data breaches. As emerging cyberattacks threaten the security of citizen data and critical infrastructure, Semperis' active directory increases organizational cyber resilience by protecting over 40 million identities from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors. Safeguard your government systems with 24/7 monitoring tools and securely back up mission-critical data before a crisis occurs to ensure continuous operations.


Automating Security with Identity Threat Detection and Response

Semperis empowers public sector security teams to defend against evolving threats with state-of-the-art active directory disaster recovery software. Confidently protect your active directory domain from network breaches and recover from data integrity attacks. Discover how Semperis' active directory recovery manager cuts recovery time by 90%, so your organization can minimize disruption and maintain operational continuity.

Achieve Cyber Resilience and Prevent Your Agency from Active Directory Attacks

Semperis partners with Carahsoft to help public sector agencies proactively intercept cyberattacks by delivering unparalleled active directory security, monitoring and recovery solutions. Learn how to mitigate security vulnerabilities by defending confidential information from malicious threat actors with active directory management services.

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