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Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), driving a new networking paradigm that bases trust on the host identity itself, not spoofable IP addresses. IDN supports government efforts to simplify and unify networking and security challenges, overcoming today’s complex and inherently vulnerable networks. Our solution delivers the industry’s most extensible, secure networking overlay fabric, with automated policy-based orchestration, making it simple to instantly connect or disconnect any IP resource with another, located anywhere in the world—on-premises, virtual or cloud.

Tempered Networks’ IDN solutions are tailor made for federal government agencies, including technology’s underpinnings used in highly sensitive DoD deployments. Our solutions are FIPS certified, support PCI compliance and provide added levels of inherent security not available from any other vendor.

Discover how Tempered Networks can provide you with the most flexible and extensible network architecture, while giving you unbreakable security for protection against new threats.