Brazen's Public Sector Virtual & In-Person Hiring Event Platform

Brazen's virtual and in-person hiring event platform gives federal, state, and local governments the recruiting tools they need to compete with the private sector for the top talent in the world. It’s no longer enough to expect candidates to fill out long and cumbersome applications. Instead, Brazen gives public sector organizations the tools they need to easily build immersive virtual and in-person hiring events that are more likely to attract today’s top talent and move them quickly through to hire. Plus, Brazen’s platform is all about efficiency and scale. It includes the automation and communication tools required to save recruiting teams time without sacrificing on creating an incredible candidate experience and highlighting their employer brand. From automated qualification tools and candidate routing to email communication at scale, Brazen is a low lift tool built for the busy public sector recruiter trying to compete for top talent. Brazen works with a variety of public sector organizations from state workforce groups to school districts to state and local governments to help support their hiring needs.