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Voyager Labs is a world leader in AI-driven advanced technologies for human behavior analysis. We've developed a proprietary AI-based technology that harnesses billions of data points from publicly available unstructured data to reveal deep actionable insights. Our clients, dispersed worldwide, include tier-one law enforcement and intelligence agencies, who use our technology to accelerate and enhance their investigative and intelligence missions.


COVID-19 Resources

Crisis Management: Optimize Effective Responses

Applying Voyager Labs’ Deep Digital Investigation Platform to Pandemic Management

Voyager Labs' open-source intelligence collection and analysis platforms provide healthcare authorities, government agencies, and law enforcement departments the ability to make high-impact and immediate contributions to identifying and managing threats to public health and safety.

The scope of collection and analysis covers billions of continually updated data points in more than a hundred languages and a variety of social networks, including many used widely in Russia, China, and Iran. Voyager Labs provides an immediately deployable solution for:

  • Revealing Ground Truths - Analyze the evolving impact of a pandemic in any foreign country, including political and economic disruptions, societal destabilization, deteriorating security, civil unrest, and the plans and intentions of government actors and affected populations.
  • Managing Disinformation and Misinformation - Identify individuals who are spreading disinformation and misinformation in an effort to destabilize U.S. institutions and policies, and provide insights for counter-messaging.

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