Kharon: The Premier Global Risk Analytics Platform

Kharon helps leading companies around the world detect various sanctions and compliance risks vital for managing supply chain exposure, investment risk, financial crimes, export controls, and more. Powered by The Kharon Core, our solutions provide critical insights for a comprehensive view of illicit finance and other commercial risks.

Founded by former U.S. government senior officials, the Kharon leadership team utilizes their unique expertise to develop a trusted risk management solution for government agencies, financial institutions, global corporations, and professional services firms. 

Leveraging open-source documents, deep subject matter expertise, and advanced data science, the Kharon platform is continually enhanced, providing an unrivaled view of commercial activity and related networks linked with global threat actors. Our analysts are proficient in 25+ foreign languages and adept at conducting technology-enhanced investigations encompassing corporate records, regulatory filings, litigation documents, trade data, social media, global media, foreign government tenders, and deep web data, among other sources.

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