Building a Safer Environment with a Holistic Software Platform

Kokomo24/7® is trusted by institutions like state and local government and education to provide health and safety solutions to their communities. This proven software platform consisting of one centralized dashboard and 12 ready-to-deploy products allows any organization the ability to collect, analyze, and resolve, thus increasing community trust. In today's climate, health, safety, and wellness solutions like the ones Kokomo pioneered are more important than ever. 

Two of 12 use cases we have helped are: 

Kokomo NOTIFY™
Ensures instant collection of needed information and immediate connection with employees, students, and community members alike. From school reports to emergency alerts about dangerous weather, easily share updates with select groups or your entire district via SMS, push notifications, email, voice messages and more. Determine who should receive your messaging, and how often, to create awareness and confidence. Provide students and employees with easily accessible information to keep them safe, focused, and engaged with Kokomo Notify. 

Kokomo CASES™
Kokomo can also help your school stay in compliance with forms and data analysis, including Title IX, helping you to save time and money. It collects and track incidents such as fighting, and cyber-bullying as well as facility issues that require maintenance or repair. Using Kokomo CASES™, you’ll be able to see patterns leading to unwanted behavior and act before things escalate.

As being the first and only platform with 12 comprehensive solutions in one cohesive, highly configurable platform, each product can stand alone or build off one another depending upon desired needs. No matter what unique requirements or how many people a safety professional might be responsible for, Kokomo's software gives leaders the tools they need to achieve a secure and healthy environment.  

Kokomo24/7® is the platform that can make your schools, communities, and workplaces safer and healthier.

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