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A unique and modern analytical visualizations approach

Our cloud-based solution offers a suite of analytical tools which enables agencies to have complete control over their transit data including ridership, fleet, service availability, maintenance, safety, among others. The solution integrates your data from multimodal transport and is designed to provide actionable insights needed by management executives and functional professionals to support their critical decisions.  

Role Based Dashboard 

Our dashboards are customized specifically for each user, providing them with the most relevant data. It allows the users to see the level of detail required by them to achieve their business objectives at all levels from strategic to operational goals. 

Comprehensive Analytics 

We are a high-end analytics software company that delivers modern analytics designed for business transformation. Deep experience delivering analytics solutions. Our goal is to demonstrate our unique capability to deliver high end dashboards to your organization. Our analytics solutions are listed below:

  • Airport 360
  • Transit 360
  • Water 360
  • Asset 360
  • ITSM 360
  • HR 360

Evaluation Tools 

We provide multidimensional correlation to help decision makers determine if their strategic initiatives and plans are yielding the desired results. 

Technology Agnostic Solution

Our solution can be integrated with your existing data lake/hub/warehouse, transit management systems, business intelligence tools, ERP etc. making them compatible to your existing environment.​​