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Prevent Website Crashes and Improve Citizen Experience

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room keeps systems functional and operations efficient by preventing website crashes. This helps public sector organizations deliver a superior citizen experience even when faced with overwhelming online demand.

What is a virtual waiting room? How does it work?

A virtual waiting room is a cloud-based solution for websites and applications to manage surges in online traffic.

When website traffic exceeds a public sector organization’s site or app's capacity, citizens are redirected to a virtual waiting room using a standard HTTP 302 redirect. They're then redirected back to the public sector website in a first-come, first-served order using another HTTP 302 redirect. The service compliments scaling to ensure infrastructure stays online.

How does it benefit the public sector market?

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room enables public sector clients to run high-demand events such as (but not limited to) vaccine registrations, unemployment claims, tax filings, and applications without crashes or slowdowns by controlling the flow of traffic into critical systems. It allows the public sector market to ensure operational efficiency and create a better citizen experience.

The virtual waiting room allows the public sector to ensure operational efficiency by creating a reliable, predictable flow of traffic. This protects against bottlenecks on important pages (like login pages or payment gateways) and keeps systems running smoothly 24/7. Site managers can also configure waiting room settings and monitor real-time traffic through our web-based admin platform.

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room also helps institutions create a superior citizen experience. Instead of frustrating crashes or slowdowns, citizens are met with a transparent, informed wait. Enabling organizations to have clear and consistent communication during stressful events alleviates demand on support and helps to build trust in public sector institutions.

In addition, the virtual waiting room has features in place to prevent bots and fraudulent traffic from hitting websites, including the ability to soft-block suspicious traffic. Queue-it’s services keep public sector websites secure and citizen data private since no sensitive data goes through our system.

Finally, if public sector organizations are offering applications for funds or other limited services, they can create a scheduled waiting room that will hold early visitors on a countdown page and then randomize them just like a raffle, giving citizens fair access.​


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