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The DevSecOps methodology enables Public Sector development teams to rapidly deploy secure software across any environment while maintaining regulatory compliance. By shifting security left and integrating risk assessments throughout DevOps processes, agencies can continuously monitor code repositories to detect and resolve emerging threats, leading to increased deployments, reduced resources and enhanced security posture.


Carahsoft partners with leading software development companies to deliver innovative DevSecOps tools to Public Sector agencies, ensuring compliance by building security into every phase of the DevOps lifecycle. These cutting-edge solutions facilitate continuous Authority to Operate (cATO) initiatives by enabling collaborative planning, agile code optimization, flexible infrastructure management, automated system testing and vulnerability scanning.



Ensure Software Supply Chain Security with DevSecOps Tools

Carahsoft enables Government digital transformation by streamlining software delivery and simplifying code management, making application enhancements seamless and secure. Discover how your agency can leverage the latest DevSecOps platforms and innovations with:

  • Faster and more secure software and application releases
  • Greater interoperability between systems and devices
  • The freedom and flexibility to focus on mission objectives

Explore our portfolio of trusted DevSecOps providers to find reliable solutions that meet security and operating requirements below.

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  • Application Deployment (14)
  • Continuous Integration (CI/CD) (22)
  • Cloud Providers (9)
  • Security & Compliance/Monitoring (42)
  • Kubernetes Distributions (5)

All DevSecOps Vendors

Discover the Latest Innovations in DevSecOps

In this ebook, we share insights from both government and industry leaders about how to successfully move from pilots and limited agile programs to full-blown agencywide DevSecOps implementations.
Sean McIntyre, Director for Solution Delivery Service at the Federal Aviation Administration, answers questions about DevSecOps.
Kyle Tobener, head of security and IT at Copado, explains how a low-code platform can accelerate the delivery of innovation while ensuring secure and bug-free software.

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Carahsoft June 14, 2024

This is an article about a software program called Learn to Win, which helps train warfighters. It was recently approved for use on Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 6 networks, the highest level of security classification. This makes Deployment to Learn the first commercial training software to achieve this level. Second Front Systems is the company that worked with Learn to Win to allow this to happen.


Carahsoft June 14, 2024

Second Front Systems and Chainguard have announced a partnership to improve the security of software delivered to the U.S. government. This collaboration will provide government agencies with access to a registry of secure software containers, reducing security risks and expediting the authorization process.