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Improve Citizen Experience with Modern Permitting and Licensing Software for Government

Over the years, regulations around land use and permitting have grown increasingly complex, to the point where citizens can no longer understand them. This leads to questions and frustration from applicants, translating into calls, emails, and long lines at city hall. Staff resources are quickly overwhelmed and other priorities get lost.

OpenCounter set out to solve this problem by assembling a team of seasoned government innovators and Silicon Valley technologists to build the most advanced permitting and licensing engine on the market. Our software calculates detailed land use codes, permit and license requirements, and application fees, so applicants get a comprehensive overview of their project and navigate the permitting and licensing process by being more informed.

When permitting is easy for everyone and staff are free to apply their expertise to challenging projects, a new picture emerges at city hall: one where staff collaborate with the people in their community to turn ideas and projects into realities — and in the process, to help their communities thrive.