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Zero Trust Network Segmentation Platform for Government

Zentera transforms the way agencies think about securing critical assets and data. The company’s pioneering CoIP® Platform enables Zero Trust controls to be deployed as a security overlay for applications and data in existing brownfield infrastructure, in hybrid and multi-cloud, and even across organizational boundaries.

CoIP Platform security deploys transparently to protect bare metal and virtual servers, containers, and IoT devices, isolating them from unauthenticated and unauthorized network traffic with a default-deny model. Its powerful application network and ZTNA engines authenticate users and applications against multiple Zero Trust factors and connect them to protected assets and applications. The result is a completely self-contained and software-defined implementation of a NIST SP800-207 Zero Trust Architecture with consistent access models whether requestors are remote or on-premises.

Public Sector customers can deploy CoIP Platform in as little as a day to defend data against leaks, inoculate application servers against ransomware and malware, and cloak applications from lateral attacks. Deployed as a self-hosted product, CoIP Platform eliminates dependencies on 3rd party SaaS that can impact application functionality and performance.

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