Digital Transformation: By public health, for public health

Flourish & Thrive Labs is a consulting firm that is by public health, for public health. We are dedicated to empowering local public health departments through innovative technology solutions and sustainable skills training. Our mission comes from truly understanding the unique challenges public health agencies face, and a commitment to providing them with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to succeed.

We specialize in using cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, improve data-driven decision making, and optimize service delivery for public health. Our tech-savvy consultants develop custom digital solutions like automating complex processes and creating geospatial applications. This drives efficiency, accountability, and positive health outcomes.  We are experts at technological thinking and implementation from geospatial to AWS to SalesForce.

However, we go beyond just implementing new technologies. We are committed to building lasting expertise within the organizations we serve through our proven THRIVE methodology. This includes comprehensive training so our clients are self-sufficient and empowered to independently continue making positive changes after working with us.

What makes Flourish & Thrive Labs unique is our combined technical and public health proficiency. Our team has advanced degrees and real-world experience in areas like epidemiology, health policy, and community outreach. This enables us to create solutions grounded in science and proven best practices, while understanding public health's nuances.

When you partner with us, your local public health department gains a knowledgeable ally committed to operational excellence and community wellbeing. We provide a powerful blend of technical skills, sustainable training, and specialized public health expertise. This allows you to confidently navigate complexities and unlock your agency's full potential to flourish and thrive. Join us to redefine possibilities for effective public health service delivery.