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Realize the benefits of AI for your organization by controlling your AI risk with Preamble.


Realize the benefits of AI for your organization by controlling your AI risk with Preamble.

Preamble stands at the forefront of AI Trust by offering a suite of products and services uniquely tailored to meet the AI security and safety needs of the public sector. Our innovative platform empowers government agencies to take control of the risk surface exposed by their generative AI systems. This approach ensures that data flowing in and out of AI systems is safe, secure, and compliant, aligning with the standards and policies of public sector governance.

Recognizing the increasingly critical role of AI in public services, Preamble's solutions are purpose designed to meet the unique challenges government entities face. Our VanguardAITM platform advances the effective and efficient use of AI while rigorously adhering to security and ethical standards. Amidst a landscape where reliance on AI for administrative tasks, interaction with citizenry, data analysis, and national security capabilities is growing, trusted AI is paramount.

Further, Preamble’s AI Policy MarketplaceTM is a pioneering solution for AI risk management. It provides government agencies access to AI policies & rules across organizations and industries, offering unprecedented visibility into collective AI risk intelligence. This approach promotes collaborative & adaptive governance, enabling the public sector to execute its unique remit to steward responsible artificial intelligence at a societal level.  
Preamble also offers VanguardAITM Managed, professional services offering that manages the configuration, monitoring & alerting, reporting, tuning & optimization, maintenance, and customer support related to the VanguardAITM SaaS Platform.
Lastly, VanguardAITM Complete is a white-labeled, integrated AI chat application and generative AI guardrails solution.  VanguardAITM Complete enables organizations that do not have their own AI chat application to centralize their users’ access to generative AI models via an organization-branded AI chat application with VanguardAITM guardrails embedded.

The public sector stands as an exemplar for responsible AI, where the embodiment of ethical AI practices are as crucial as operational efficiency. Preamble’s operationalized AI ethics solutions are designed to imbue government operations with the security, safety, values alignment, and accountability needed to foster public trust in its institutions.

As the public sector transitions to zero-trust, Preamble seamlessly incorporates these principles to applied AI risk control. Preamble’s solutions impose zero-trust by guardrailing users’ interactions with generative AI systems, de-risking both inputs to and outputs from these powerful but unpredictable models. This provides continuous assurance and monitoring capabilities in accordance with organizations’ AI policies, ethical principles, and legal requirements. This approach significantly reduces both threats to and exploitation of vulnerabilities on government assets, and thereby prevents and mitigates breaches of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and operations.

Finally, ease of use is a cornerstone of Preamble’s platform which is designed to accommodate the varied technological proficiencies of the workforce within government agencies. Preamble lowers the barrier to AI risk control by adopting familiar interfaces, abstracting away complex code & workflows, and leveraging natural language-based instructions. As well, Preamble can be seamlessly assimilated into workflows and integrated with AI applications, mindful of cost and delivery expectations for public services.

In sum, Preamble offers government agencies a comprehensive solution to harness AI's power responsibly and securely as a core enabler to adaptive AI governance innovation. Our solution’s zero-trust approach to generative AI sets a new standard in AI safety and security, enabling public sector entities to achieve service quality while maintaining the highest levels of security and ethical integrity.