Apporto Virtual Desktop Solutions

Apporto, hailing from Silicon Valley, prioritizes delivering a seamless User Experience, ensuring straightforward administration, and maintaining affordability in its Virtual Desktop offerings. Apporto is a Silicon Valley-based Virtual Desktop provider, known for its simplicity and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Recognized in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant, Apporto stands out with a 100% Would Recommend rating on Gartner Peer Insights, reflecting our dedication to exceeding user expectations. We aim to make Virtual Desktops as straightforward and accessible as possible, catering to over 2.5 million desktops delivered to date.

Our solutions are designed with flexibility and user needs in mind, offering secure mobile workspaces, virtual computer labs, and cyber security labs.

Secure Mobile Workspaces: Apporto offers secure, accessible workspaces that allow users to work from anywhere, providing the flexibility modern workforces need.

Virtual Computer Labs: Ideal for educational institutions and training environments, our virtual labs offer scalable, on-demand access to computing resources for students and professionals alike.

Cyber Security Labs: With a focus on security, Apporto provides specialized environments designed for cybersecurity training, testing, and simulations, ensuring that security teams are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges.

Apporto's architecture supports various deployment models to fit every organization's unique requirements. Whether you're looking for a cloud-based solution, a hybrid model combining cloud and on-premises resources, or a fully on-premises setup, Apporto offers the flexibility to scale and adapt to your needs. This ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and the ability to respond to changing business demands.

Security Without Complexity: Built on Zero Trust principles, our platform ensures secure access from any device without the need for clients, VPN, or locking down devices, making remote work safe and straightforward.
Unmatched User Experience: We prioritize performance, offering 60 fps for smooth interactions and flawless video streaming, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Cost-Effectiveness: Apporto aims to significantly lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 70%, providing a financially sensible solution for all organizations.

Disaster Recovery: Apporto ensures your operations continue smoothly and securely, even during unforeseen disruptions, with our comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities.

Ease of Use: From cloud bursting for scalable needs to minimal-setup remote operations, Apporto is designed to simplify your IT demands, allowing your team to focus on strategic goals rather than managing complex IT infrastructure.

At Apporto, we're more than just a DaaS provider; we're a partner committed to simplifying your IT landscape while ensuring your organization remains agile, secure, and cost-effective.