Cofense, formerly PhishMe, is the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide. We deliver a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling organization-wide engagement to active email threats.

Our collective defense suite combines best-in-class incident response technologies with timely attack intelligence sourced from employees. From driving awarness to security automation and orchestration, our solutions are designed to anticipate and disrupt the attack kill chain at delivery to quickly mitigate the impacts from spear phishing, ransomware, malware, and business email compromise.

Today, this is all made real for thousands of global organizations. Learn more at www.cofense.com.


The Cofense Collective Defense Suite is purpose-built to provide a cohesive, collaborative cyber-defense that engages every employee in the fight against phishing attacks and breaches.

With multiple product familes to build and expand engagement, Cofense mobilizes all employees and enables security professionals to quickly mitigate and stop attacks in progress.


Prepare every employee in your organization to identify and report:

  •  Cofense PhishMe 

    Formerly known as PhishMe Simulator, our flagship product is designed to develop defensive instinct and behavior by conditioning employees with real-to-life phishing attack scenarios.

  •  Cofense PhishMe SBE

    Based on the award-winning Cofense PhishMe platform, PhishMe SBE is tailored and streamlined for businesses with less than 500 employees.

  •  Cofense PhishMe Free

    Cofense believes that all companies - regardless of size or budget - should have access to basic security capabilities. Enter PhishMe Free, specifically for businesses with 500 employees or less.

  •  Cofense LMS

    The bridge between employee education and conditioning, Cofense LMS is a fully-functional Learning Management System to help administrators manage content and ongoing education.

  •  Cofense CBFree 

    FREE Computer-Based Training and Compliance Modules that help educate employees and reinforce the behavioral conditioning.

  •  Cofense Reporter

    An easy way to build a network of users providing critical, real-time phishing attack intelligence.


Respond and stop attacks faster using employee-sourced attack intelligence:

  • Cofense Triage

    An integrated solution that stops attacks in progress by automating the collection, analysis, and orchestrating the response to phishing attacks.

  • Cofense Managed Triage

    Staffed by our analysts and powered by Cofense Triage, our managed service removes the work - collecting, analyzing, and alerting customers with specific guidance when a threat is reported and detected.

  • Cofense Intelligence

    Relevant and timely threats verified by human analysts and delivered as actionable, phishing-specific threat intelligence.

  •  Integrations

    With more than 20 best-in-class integrations, Cofense provides out-of-the-box solutions built on APIs and open standards to connect security solutions and orchestrate incident response.


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Case Study

In 2012, a phishing email triggered one of the largest cyber-attacks ever, aimed at a large Middle Eastern oil and gas company. In the wake of the attack, organizations worldwide redoubled security investments. One such organization was a top university whose students, faculty, and administrators ha...

As one of the biggest home protection brands in North America, ADT Security Services is synonymous with security. When it came to building their enterprise wide phishing defense program, the company knew it needed to partner with a proven leader with the ability to scale to meet ADT’s evolving sec...

AES turned to Cofense to support their awareness testing of 19,000 employees and contractors across 17 countries in multiple languages. Using a combination of Cofense PhishMe® and Cofense Reporter®, AES has seen strong improvements in the recognition of suspicious emails, decreasing its workforce...

In 2015, this consumer product goods (CPG) leader had no formal anti-phishing program. Knowing the threat was growing and its security team needed help, the business began using Cofense PhishMe® to measure employee’s susceptibility to suspicious emails and Cofense Reporter™ to report them with ...

A large multinational company was the target of relentless phishing attacks intended to steal intellectual property. With growing alarm, the company kept throwing more people, technology and money at the problem to little effect, until it concluded the answer lay in raising user awareness. For most ...

A diversified energy and utility company with more than $30 billion in assets and operations in 25 states. The company operates regulated utilities and electricity generation through two primary lines of business and includes eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving 3.1 million customers in...

Trying to keep up with a barrage of spam and potential phishing threats, one of the world’s largest retailers realized its incident response (IR) team had little time for anything else. Phishing campaigns were becoming more frequent and dangerous, and if any of them succeeded in penetrating the co...

This company’s VP of Information Security inherited a strong anti-phishing program. The organization had been a Cofense client for about a year. It used Cofense PhishMeTM and Cofense ReporterTM to condition users to recognize and report suspicious emails, then added Cofense TriageTM and Cofense In...

The company is the largest third-party administrator of employee health plans and benefits in its four-state region. In business for more than 20 years, the company employs about 130 people and administers plans for nearly 75,000 members.Read more about this Cofense case study.

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