Make Operational Decisions Faster with Data Access on Demand Technology

Blue Fusion technology solves Government and Commercial critical data problems: accessing and aggregating disparate data for analysis while empowering analysts, detectives, and investigators to be at least 80% more efficient.

With Blue Fusion, traditional methods in analysis such as shopping data sources one at a time (data shopping) or extract, transform, and load (ETL) become irrelevant. Our middleware technology sits between your intelligence platform of choice and ALL your data sources, simultaneously providing you with a real-time connection to multiple data sources increasing the speed and accuracy of complex investigations.

Blue Fusion is data agnostic and platform agnostic, connecting directly to data sources and intelligence platforms. Ask one question and query multiple data sources at the same time. Visually see relationships in data and explore these findings prior to pushing to an intelligence platform of your choice.

Querying and collecting pertinent information has never been more simple or efficient. Blue Fusion removes the challenge of having to code when querying data sets and provides a simple drag and drop interface. Analysts can also schedule their queries to automatically recur and to have their team notified immediately when new results appear.

Blue Fusion is a game changer for analysts, detectives and investigators across all industries!