Empowering Complex Operations Securely

Government fleet management or public fleet management is necessary because managing a public works fleet operation and fleet safety program is more challenging due to the wide variety of assets and equipment that are needed to support communities and infrastructure. Fleet management for public fleets to oversee their fleet performance and fleet maintenance and increase fleet efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability  Public sector fleet management includes federal, state, and local government fleets. Federal, state and local governments are responsible for large fleets of police, fire, refuse, maintenance, public works and general service or military vehicles. Public sector fleet managers and other municipal agencies have been leveraging fleet management solutions and vehicle telematics data to analyze fleet vehicles, vehicle location, service delivery and coverage, driver behavior, community safety, routing, dispatch units, diagnostics and preventative maintenance so that they can optimize their service their communities and respond to citizens.

Public fleets and public works vehicles are needed at peak community times, like snowstorms, community events that leave streets dirty, or overflowing trash - knowing where they are, in what condition they are and in and their status and efficiency are key to delivering efficient citizen services. Benefits of a public fleet or government fleet management system include:

Real-time visibility

Extract greater value from fleets and asset tracking and equipment tracking with real-timeGPS fleet tracking. Ensure an efficient fleet and routing and help reduce costs with preventative maintenance, remote diagnostics, and custom alerts that appear when it’s time for repairs.

Elevated citizen services

Provide more efficient, transparent, compliant, and sustainable  citizen services. Monitor service coverage with camera systems, and monitor material usage to manage costs and reduce overuse of materials. Keep citizens informed with access to a live map for instant status and location of services.

Community & employee safety

Increase visibility into road conditions, promote employee and community safety, and alert capture incidents or proof of service completion with AI dash cameras, fleet dash cam footage as well as side, rear video from third-party cameras for instant upload and livestream footage. These can also reduce insurance premiums.


Monitor routes and material usage to avoid excessive material usage to protect community infrastructure, and reduce environmental impact.

Operational efficiency

Real-time data to improve operational efficiency, with easy install and customization, centralized data and video footage management, APIs 3rd party Integrations with GIS, asset & work management and public information systems to increase productivity and manage costs.

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