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  • Accelerating Time to Insights for the Public Sector

See how Plotly Dash Enterprise Offers a Secure Data App Solution.

Plotly is a SOC 2-compliant software company that offers Dash Enterprise, a secure platform for building, deploying, and scaling data apps in Python. It enables the facilitation of data science and analytics workflows via a suite of features for developers, IT, and end business users. Full-stack apps that would require a front end, back end, and DevOps resources can be built and deployed in hours.

With a Python-based framework, Dash Enterprise offers connectivity to virtually any data source, including CSV files, Redis/Postgres/SQL databases, or data platforms like Databricks and Snowflake. Additionally, Dash Enterprise has built-in capabilities for advanced interactivity, drag-and-drop user experience, one-click deployment, and GUI styling customization. Default user and group management includes authentication options for LDAP, SAML OIDC, Okta, Active Directory and more.

For installation, on-premises air gapped environment options are available, as well as AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud-based options, and data is stored behind the customer’s firewall. The secure, enterprise-grade modern architecture means that it is a scalable, future-proof strategic platform investment for the public sector. Additionally, Dash Enterprise comes with award-winning commercial support and options for professional services to expedite time to delivery.

Plotly Dash Enterprise is trusted by federal agencies, including the U.S. Air Force, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Department of Energy NREL; as well as state agencies including the Tennessee Valley Authority and California Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, Dash Enterprise is globally recognized, with long-time partnerships with the Canadian Federal Government, as well as contracts with NATO and BAE Systems. These organizations appreciate Dash Enterprise’s flexibility and extensibility, using it for a variety of public sector use cases, from machine learning to geospatial mapping.

Jumpstart your data analytics program with Dash Enterprise. Contact Plotly to learn how to get started.

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