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AI-Powered Cyber Threat Detection Solutions for Government

MixMode is a purpose-built Cybersecurity threat detection platform that delivers faster and more accurate detections, dramatically increases productivity and efficiency, and decreases wasted time, effort, and resources associated with legacy rules-based tools. Security teams use MixMode in the cloud or on-premises or on air-gapped networks for real-time threat detection, zero-day attack identification and false positive alert reduction across any data stream.

The MixMode platform is powered by patented, self-supervised AI that is uniquely adaptable to the environment it monitors, can predict what’s coming before it happens, and evolve on its own (meaning it requires zero written rules to function), and it removes the need for constant human oversight of the AI.

MixMode’s patented AI-based platform was developed by Chief Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic who has delivered AI projects for DARPA and DoD for the last 20+ years. It is a massive step forward, solving some of the biggest problems in Cybersecurity today.

Most security tools leverage first or second wave AI technology that use a combination of rules and thresholds or static “training” data to make decisions about your network and can take between 6-24 months of learning to be effective. MixMode is the first available instance of patented Third Wave AI in cybersecurity, and is able to provide actionable alerts about your network on the first day.

A critical piece of solving for DOD’s Zero Trust mandate is to avoid bias; by leveraging MixMode’s self-supervised AI which requires no human operator involvement or historical training data, public sector agencies can make progress on their Zero Trust initiatives.

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