HYCU leading the way with best-in-class data protection for Nutanix in the Public Sector. Driving Innovation for More Than 25 Years.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, HYCU is a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in data backup, recovery, and monitoring for hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI). With 25 years of sophisticated product engineering, insights from over one million users, and work experience with more than 25,000 customers-including independent software vendors (ISVs)-HYCU is dedicated to supporting the needs of U.S. government departments and federal agencies.

Every year, waiting on final budget approvals, you know you’ll be tasked with achieving the same IT goals while spending less. At the same time, you’re trying to take advantage of the latest technology innovations to drive costs out of your infrastructure.

No one understands that better than HYCU. We help federal, state and local governments to protect and monitor their critical applications with less complexity and cost.

HYCU works with the industry’s leading platform and technology innovators like Citrix, F5, Microsoft, and Nutanix to extend the value, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to keep your IT moving forward.

By extending the value of existing applications and workloads across leading industry platforms, our lightweight data protection and monitoring solutions help streamline operations and provide unparalleled efficiencies. Our solutions have the same look and feel as Nutanix, SCOM, and OMS. HYCU, with data protection solutions, helps to turn data protection from a separate silo into a shared service that federal agencies can access and manage collaboratively.

How We Help Federal, Local and State Governments

  • Provide easy on-ramp to the cloud, extending the value of existing applications and workloads, as well as helping to retire legacy IT
  • Address the smallest and largest data growth with unique and easy to install monitoring and data protection
  • Adhere to strict privacy laws and compliance standards, ensuring sensitive data is safe with role-based security policies and compliance with encryption standards such as FIPS 140-2
  • Maximize use of existing IT and applications while eliminating additional cost, unnecessary infrastructure, or professional services to deploy

Learn more at: https://www.hycu.com/public-sector/


  • HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix

    Purpose-built backup and recovery for Nutanix

    The only purpose-built application and data protection solution for Nutanix. Not only does it preserve HCIS simplicity with native integration and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV & ESX, but it also makes fully reliable backup and recovery a sure thing.

    Hyperconverged Infrastructure with 360° Simplicity

    Too many companies eliminate the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) by protecting it with legacy, bolt-on backup and recovery products. HYCU makes sure that doesn't happen to you.

    In a remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments, HYCU allows you to back up virtual machines from their replicas on the central site Nutanix cluster. Backing up data from replicas without having to transfer the virtual machine data twice frees up WAN bandwidth for other business processes.

  • Microsoft SCOM Management Packs (MP) for Nutanix

    Integrates a consolidated view of your App to Nutanix infrastructure into your Microsoft SCOM and OMS consoles

    We make it easy to monitor Nutanix Enterprise Cloud health, availability, infrastructure, and application performance using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

  • Monitoring for F5

    Creates a 360-Degree view for Secure Application Delivery ensuring business continuity, application delivery configuration and operation insights

    No more manually collecting attacks and threats data from ASM and merging data for security analysis. HYCU SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP reduces your workload and frees up F5 engineers and security engineers to work on more complex security issues. ASM situation overview dashboard and ASM attacks and user session reports help extract, filter, and analyze all the security challenges facing your application delivery configuration.

  • Monitoring for Citrix - Monitoring for OMi MP for Citrix

    HYCU dashboards graphically show the state and performance of your entire Citrix environment, including topology views, and let you drill down to see exactly where problems lie. Configure your own or use them out-of-the-box.

    We confirm Server OS and Desktop OS infrastructure availability through rigorous connectivity probing and active service checks. Server OS machines that fail to deliver hosted applications to desktops are easily isolated.


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When in the race to be the best, don't let your complex backup system slow you down. In today's competitive world, simple and fast wins without leaving performance and endurance behind.

Solutions Brief

The goal of a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is to simplify how to apply compute, storage resources, and network to applications. A backup software solution that integrates into the HCI solution makes this protection significantly easier.


HYCU + ExaGrid = A cost-effective, easy-to-use data protection solution for applications running on Nutanix.

Business uptime is the focus for most IT organizations. The promise of a simplified approach to offer protection is often compromised with the complexities of redundant functionality and features that get in the way of protecting your assets. With Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructures, data protec...

HYCU data protection for Nutanix was designed to complement Nutanix data protection capabilities and eliminate unnecessary redundancy. It allows customers to leverage key storage-specific capabilities, such as snapshots, clones, replicas, compression, and deduplication to run on Nutanix. HYCU compli...