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Eclypsium protects DoD and federal agencies and contractors from the foundation of your computing infrastructure upward, controlling the risks and stopping threats to the firmware and hardware inside every laptop, server and networking device. Attackers know that traditional security tools lack visibility into firmware and are increasingly using implants and backdoors to bypass security controls, persist invisibly and disrupt government IT infrastructure. Eclypsium closes this gap by finding and mitigating the weaknesses and threats in firmware that traditional security misses.

FISMA standards identify firmware as a critical part of a security program, but many federal organizations lack the tools and experience to assess and measure compliance. Eclypsium equips you with the tools you need to assess your firmware security vulnerabilities and risks, take action and demonstrate your compliance with FISMA requirements down to the firmware and hardware level. Carahsoft and Eclypsium have teamed together to provide a new level of security to protect government IT infrastructure from firmware and hardware attacks.

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The Internet’s Most Notorious Botnet Has an Alarming New Trick

December 3, 2020

The hackers behind TrickBot have begun probing victim PCs for vulnerable firmware, which would let them persist on devices undetected.

TrickBot gets new UEFI attack capability that makes recovery incredibly hard

December 3, 2020

Researchers discover a new TrickBot module that allows malware to persist even after reformatting or replacing a hard drive.

One of the Internet’s most aggressive threats could take UEFI malware mainstream

December 3, 2020

New feature targets the most critical component of all modern-day computers.