Connected Digital Experiences That Elevate Safety and Drive Revenue

Our Connected Analytics, Location Analytics, and Security Services offer a great benefit to the public sector market. Starting off with Connected Analytics, the collection and analysis of certain data can go a long way. With whatever it is exactly that a given public sector market entity is doing, there is much data to be collected and many conclusions to be drawn to maximize organizational efficiency. Using our Connected Analytics platform, we help any entity collect the data that is important and will produce insights that we can create measurable, positive change from. Moving on to Location Analytics, there are many ways that this can help the public sector market. Using location tracking for safety purposes can be advantageous to many public entities and the security of their facilities. Whatever needs to be tracked, person or item, can be tracked with immense precision throughout the facility. With the ongoing threat of theft as well as violence, our Location Analytics platform can help with active and advanced surveillance at a reasonable expense. Whether this be for the safety of the people on the premises, or for the monitoring of various assets, this facet of our business can help the greater public sector market greatly. Lastly, Our Security Services also offer a great benefit to the public sector market. Through using our security services, we can find out exactly where a company is vulnerable and offer the expertise and resources to take care of it. We are actively looking out for our customers and their own cybersecurity status and needs, and whenever there is something that goes wrong and needs urgent fixing, we are quick to hop on it. All in all, these three different services that are offered in the CorePLUS portfolio have lots to offer to the public sector market.