Easy to Use. Cost-Effective. Visibility for All.

Protection and Visibility. Our multiple patents with AI powered XDR technology deliver advanced protection against threats. Our Cytellix Cyber Watch Platform (CCWP™) gives you framework based, 24/7 real-time visibility into your Cyber posture so that you know where you stand. Our patented Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal is the only platform to integrate these two critical components (GRC + XDR) representing the next evolution of cybersecurity.

Need a Cybersecurity Assessment?  Think Cytellix.  Need a Cybersecurity Assessment with Governance Risk & Compliance based on CMMC 2.0 or NIST frameworks, or another framework?  Think Cytellix.  Need to see your overall Cyber Posture in real-time for your company – 24/7?  Think Cytellix.

Integrating GRC and XDR in the modern Cybersecurity program creates value for the public sector by providing a clear path to managing compliance and cyber readiness in a cost-effective manner. Whether CMMC, NIST, or numerous other frameworks – you know where you stand at any point in time and are continuously monitored and protected by advanced technology that will support you as you move forward in maturity.  Additional options beyond XDR and XDR also include Managed Detection & Response (MDR) for those customers who may prefer to bring your own license (BYOL) or need an advanced security environment.

Future built in the cloud for scalability and quick deployment, Cytellix delivers a managed service providing visibility with superior protection, all made easy with clear value for any organization.

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