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A secure, cost-effective workflow software for public sector auditors

TeamMate+ is designed to improve efficiency; consistency in the quality of audit work; and visibility across the entire audit lifecycle. TeamMate+ includes solutions for audit plan management, audit execution, audit review, report generation, risk and issue trend analysis, audit reporting and storage. By providing a seamless, web-based strategy for managing audits, TeamMate's audit software eliminates the barriers associated with paper-filled binders and disconnected electronic files, driving efficiencies into all facets of the audit workflow, including:

  • Audit planning and assessments – Documentation and management of audit plans including last-audit date and historical insights.
  • Red/Yellow Book – Integrated workflow and features designed to support red and yellow book standards. And inclusion of the yellow book standards within the TeamStore content library.
  • Controls tests – Controls are included in audits for testing, either from the risk assessment or added directly to the audit. Testing is supported with documentation created by the auditor and/or gathered from the auditee.
  • Audit reporting – Audit reports can be generated from the audit to include all the key information from the audit. Audit and reporting taxonomy custom-built to support Federal SAR requirements.
  • Remediation management – Issues are tracked through to remediation within a single, consolidated area in TeamMate. Action plan owners can access the items they own and provide both status updates and related documentation.

TeamMate+ FedRAMP cloud hosting and the TeamMate+ product suite (TeamMate+ Public Sector, TeamMate+ Audit and TeamMate+ Controls) are FedRAMP Authorized.