Deception-Powered Active Defense

CounterCraft’s cybersecurity solutions go beyond traditional detection and response to provide best-in-class attack detection, custom threat intelligence, and proactive defense through deception technology to help organizations defend forward. CounterCraft’s premier commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, The Platform™ deploys deception technology with a wide range of credible, high-interaction deception assets, data and identities that can be utilized as a force multiplier for specific mission sets and use cases. CounterCraft works on-prem, in Cloud environments or in hybrid deployments.

CounterCraft’s solutions allow organizations around the globe to detect and defend faster including Fortune 500 companies, the US Department of Defense, US Air Force, state agencies and law enforcement. CounterCraft was chosen in a competitive down selection by the DoD thanks to its capability to support cyber critical missions and provide cyber protection for large expanses of digital infrastructure.

Our use cases in the public sector include:

Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operation Capabilities
Using The Platform, cyber operations teams and program managers have the ability to utilize best-in-class technology to collect and analyze tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from adversaries and insider threats while supporting threat hunting, red teaming, and more. Quick deployment to support OCO and DCO missions.                                                                         

Cyberthreat Detection for Sensitive and High-Value Systems ​​​​​​
Our deception-based technology specializes in detecting and diverting lateral movement and insider threats in real-time that traditional and less sophisticated cybersecurity detection and response solutions will miss.

Cybercrime Intel for Analysts and Investigators
Our deception-based technology provides security teams with access to threat intelligence and critical cybercrime information including attribution, tactics and other mission-critical data, allowing for faster mitigation of threats posed by cybercrime actors.