Make data breaches, ransomware & downtime a thing of the past with Myota

Myota's suite of products and services is specifically designed to defend the public sector from Ransomware and IT Disasters with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that meets the budgetary needs of the public sector. In an environment where government agencies face an increasing volume of targeted cyber threats, Myota stands out by offering ransomware protection, disaster recovery and business continuity technology, making it an essential partner for public entities.

The problem: Multiple vulnerabilities allowing ransomware to access data within the current standard infrastructure set-up. 

The solution: Remove the pathway vulnerabilities that give access to the data making the data indestructible and 100% durable.

Central to Myota's approach is its state-of-the-art encryption process and distributed storage technology. A groundbreaking approach that marries the principles of Zero Trust Data Resilience with the foundational elements of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (C.I.A.). This guarantees protection against unauthorized access, alterations or deletions of data. Such robust security measures are vital for protecting government records, personal citizen data, and classified information. Myota enhances this protection through information dispersion, distributing data across multiple nodes to prevent malicious actors from accessing or reconstructing complete datasets without explicit authorization.

Beyond security, Myota's solutions offer considerable operational advantages. The streamlined data management system simplifies and reduces the costs associated with traditional data storage and backup solutions. Public sector agencies benefit from quicker recovery times in data loss incidents, ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of critical services without sacrificing security. This operational agility is essential for government entities navigating the rapidly evolving technological landscape and emerging threat scenarios.

In essence, Myota provides the public sector with a comprehensive solution for secure, compliant, and efficient data protection. By merging advanced encryption technologies with Zero Trust and C.I.A. principles, Myota addresses the unique challenges faced by public sector organizations, safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating the smooth operation of vital services. Myota is not just a provider of security solutions but a strategic ally in protecting the public interest in our digital world.