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Transform emergency management with near real-time disaster data

ICEYE is a global NewSpace leader in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) – leveraging the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation to deliver persistent monitoring of critical locations across the globe. ICEYE’s proprietary microsatellites enable remote sensing and image capture through darkness, clouds, and smoke. With an uninterrupted view of Earth in any conditions, public-sector agencies can better predict, monitor, and respond to natural disasters on the ground.

ICEYE’s Government Solutions harness the unique benefits of SAR to help federal, state, and local agencies improve disaster response, recovery, and mitigation efforts. The SAR-driven solution suite currently delivers persistent monitoring across the U.S. for two major perils: flooding and wildfires. This includes near real-time hazard data, building-level damage insights, and GIS-compatible vector footprints.

The Flood Insights and Wildfire Insights solutions provide governments with the intelligence and situational awareness needed to protect their communities from two of the most destructive and costly natural disasters. Some of the benefits include:

  • Remotely assessing community impacts during (and after) major events
  • Identifying structural damage down to the building/address level
  • Optimizing disaster planning & communications
  • Coordinating local response & recovery efforts
  • Triaging valuable resources like personnel and supplies
  • Evaluating catastrophe risk models and maps
  • Supporting mitigation projects & grant applications

Since launching its first satellite in 2018, ICEYE has developed deep expertise in public-sector missions, serving government agencies across North America, Europe, and APAC. Today, ICEYE supports public and private organizations across the world with global visibility and ground-truth – delivered from space.

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