Smarter, greener and healthier buildings that transform communities.

BlocPower offers a proprietary enterprise software tool for sustainability planners and municipal leaders called BlocMaps:

Data Visualization & Program Design for Building Electrification. Sustainability leaders are using our BlocMaps software and data toolkit to design building decarbonization programs that turn climate goals into climate action.

BlocMaps incorporates building data, energy data, carbon reduction data, and environmental justice data to create actionable strategies. Municipalities can receive a custom version of BlocMaps to view a comprehensive analysis of the electrification potential of their building stock and get a prioritized, actionable list of addresses best suited for upgrades with projected pricing and local incentives. BlocPower have also included federal incentive estimates from the Inflation Reduction Act, layered with state incentives for building owners to take advantage of.

In partnership, BlocPower helps stretch program dollars further, build the case for funding by showing gaps and opportunities, and scale quickly while measuring impact towards goals. BlocPower brings a comprehensive approach to its partners through tying together program design, technology for program execution, financing solutions, local workforce development, and community engagement.

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