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Manage Cyber Security and Risk Across the Enterprise

Telos Corporation empowers and protects the world’s most security-conscious organizations with solutions for continuous security assurance of individuals, systems, and information. Telos is a leader in cyber, cloud and enterprise security in the federal government; state, local, and education (SLED) organizations; and other regulated markets such as healthcare and financial services.

Telos Cybersecurity Portfolio


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Telos Ghost®
, a cloud-based virtual obfuscation network, addresses the increasing cyber threat challenges facing high-risk organizations and their critical infrastructure networks. Powered by patented technologies, Telos enables organizations to hide identities, locations and critical assets from the public internet. Our network obfuscation techniques eliminates cyber-attack surfaces to prevent cyberattacks.


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Hide user identity, location and critical assets from the public internet. Eliminate attack surface area to prevent cyber attacks Provide secure mobile communications Flexible access options for today's organizations





Xacta® is the ultimate enterprise solution for cyber risk management and compliance automation. The Xacta suite of enterprise cyber risk management and compliance automation solutions helps customers meet the complex challenges of managing IT risk with continuous compliance monitoring, security assessment, and ongoing authorization.


Get systems to compliance up to 90% faster


Reduce time to research new vulnerabilities by up to 90%



Reduce the time to generate regulatory documentation by up to 70%


Automate security test plans and reduce manual testing by up to eight work weeks


Conduct OS configurations, patch-level analytisis, and other tests up to 75% faster


Reduce time required for re-assessments by up to 60% through continuous monitoring