Owl Empowers Informed Decisions with Real-Time Cross-Domain Data

Owl Cyber Defense enables better, faster decision making with the world’s advanced software- and hardware-based cross domain solutions and data diodes for secure data transfer and collaboration. These trusted security solutions transfer or prevent transfer of data between sensitive networks based on extensively verified security policy and sophisticated enforcement mechanisms.

With 25 years’ experience Owl is an industry leader in cross domain solutions (CDS), including the only RTB-Compliant, Baseline listed CDS for voice, video teleconference, and full motion video. Owl also supports strategic & tactical decision advantage with hardware-enforced data diodes and approved exportable cross domain solutions for high-threat network and coalition partner connectivity.

25 Years, One Focus

A quarter century of delivering proven, elite, U.S. Government-accredited network security solutions and services.


Dedication to the Mission​

Our customers protect our way of life, and we are devoted to helping them achieve success and security in their missions.

Cross Domain Solutions

Owl cross domain solutions (CDS) ensure secure and deterministic data transfer between networks of different security classifications, supporting low-to-high, high-to-low, and bidirectional use cases. They feature built-in data verification and filtering based on supported data types. Unlike other security devices, cross domain solutions combine multiple security technologies, including bidirectional traffic filtering, trusted operating systems, logging, auditing, and hardware-enforced domain separation, offering layered assurance rather than a single checkpoint.

Use Cases Include:

  • Real-time collaboration across classifications, SAPs, agencies, commands, & foreign partners ​
  • ISR data transfer for force protection, early warning​
  • Secure data collection & aggregation for A.I. analysis​
  • Reduced travel requirements for classified communication​
  • Simplified network connections & reduced IT equipment for workspaces


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Data Diodes

Data diodes are hardware-based devices consisting of two circuits—one for sending data only and one for receiving data only—allowing data to flow in a single direction from a source to a destination. A data diode is different and more secure as it physically restricts data transfer to a single direction, creating an “air gap” between the source and destination networks.

Owl has been at the forefront of developing and refining data diode technologies, consistently outpacing competing solutions. Owl's solutions offer industry-leading transfer rates of up to 10 gigabits per second with packet transfer latency of 2 milliseconds or less. The high reliability, bandwidth, and low latency of Owl's technology ensure that packets never require retransmission, resulting in highly optimized solutions with zero data loss when operating within the specified bandwidth rate.

Use Cases Include:

  • Remote monitoring of closed or isolated networks​
  • High Threat Network (HTN) connectivity​
  • Asset and system alerts and data to SOC/DCO​ ​​​


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