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Modernize IT Service Management

Modernize and automate IT

Eliminate Service Outages

Operate services

Resolve Real Security Threats Fast

Respond faster to security

Resolve Customer Issues at Lightspeed

Drive fierce customer loyalty

Consumerize the Employee Service Experience

Boost productivity

Build Business Applications at Lightspeed

Deliver workflow apps

Optimize Performance with Real-Time Analytics

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Manage Cloud Sprawl

Cloud management and insights



U.S. Government agencies are a primary target for cyberattacks, and the scale and complexity of their IT operations environments are increasingly difficult to defend. Now integrated tools are available that build on their current infrastructures to create more robust cyber-situational awareness at the agency level, consistent with government-wide standards for cybersecurity monitoring, reporting, and incident response.

Click here to learn more.

Safe Workplace

ServiceNow Store

ServiceNow App Store infographic

Carahsoft has partnered with ServiceNow’s ecosystem of Technology Partners, to address the unique requirements government customers face when delivering on their agency’s mission. These Technology Partners have developed certified apps that ServiceNow customers can leverage to bring additional value to the Now Platform.



The Carahsoft ServiceNow Category Management Offering provides a streamlined avenue for agencies to acquire ServiceNow Software as a Service solutions. Each ServiceNow Category Management Offering is based on the ServiceNow Platform, a solution that enables agencies to deploy an enterprise-wide service model on a single platform with one user interface, one code base, and one data model. Such consolidation can make business and agency infrastructures more efficient, agile, responsive, reliable, and economical to operate. The ServiceNow Platform also provides over 30 base features to collaborate (e.g. knowledge, chat), manage resources (e.g. service catalog, configuration management database), design (e.g. forms designer, graphical workflows), and communicate and integrate (e.g. API, native mobile app). ServiceNow also provides experienced implementation leadership, expertise, services, training, and certification for ServiceNow customers.

The ServiceNow Category Management Offering supports a number of government initiatives and objectives, including:

  • Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA),
  • Making Electronic Government Accountable By Yielding Tangible Efficiencies Act (MEGABYTE Act of 2016)
  • OMB M-16-12 requirements for Software Management (inventory, track and maintain, analyze usage)
  • OMB M-15-14 PortfolioStat areas of driving value in Federal IT investments, delivering world-class digital services, and protecting Federal IT assets and information

The solutions and capabilities outlined within the Carahsoft ServiceNow Category Management Offering will allow the Federal Government to realize:

  • Savings – Provide savings to federal departments and agencies.
  • Security – Reduce the burden of security and IT compliance.
  • Efficiency – Improve the efficiency of operations and service delivery.
  • Transparency – Achieve unparalleled visibility into all projects, operations and services.
  • Service – Deliver excellent customer service.

Additional information can be found here:


  • What is Category Management?

    Category management is an approach the Federal Government is applying to buy smarter and more like a single enterprise. Category management enables the government to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, and deliver more value and savings from the government’s acquisition programs. Additional information on Category Management can be found on GSA’s website here.

  • What is FITARA?

    The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was passed by Congress in December 2014. This law represents the first major overhaul of Federal Information Technology in almost 20 years. OMB has published guidance to agencies to ensure that the law is applied. Additional information regarding FITARA can be found here.

Case Studies

State, Local, and Education Case Studies 

Howard County Case Study

Howard County is a county located in the central part of the U.S. state of Maryland. As of the 2010 census, the population was 287,085. Included in the Baltimore – Columbia – Towson, MD Metropolitan Statistical Area, Howard County is frequently cited for its affluence, quality of life and excellent schools. Click here to learn more.

Tennessee DHS Redefines the Customer Experience for Government Services

It’s the mission of the dedicated people at Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS). By offering temporary economic assistance, work opportunities, and protective services, the department helps Tennesseans become self-sufficient and enhances their quality of life. Click here to learn more.

Better IT in Tennessee

Centralized IT services coupled with a cloud-based platform help the state speed procurement cycles, shorten employee on-boarding cycles and more effectively manage device inventory. Click to learn more.

Denver Simplifies and Accelerates Vendor Risk Management with ServiceNow

The city and county of Denver is committed to information security and wanted to automate its governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) to optimize processes and strengthen regulatory compliance. Click to learn more.


Federal Case Studies

How Your Government Agency Can Increase Productivity, Visibility, Security - and Reduce Costs

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on IT staff in government agencies to do “more with less,” adopt digital transformation, and develop innovative ideas. Unfortunately, there are an array of strategic issues and challenges that are creating delays and bottlenecks. ServiceNow is changing the way government agencies work by expediting and automating the delivery of modern services, while driving down costs. Click to learn more.

Stargazing-as-a-Service at STScI

While some of the most impressive tech in the world flies high above our heads, the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScl), operated by NASA for the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, is working to bring the tech on the ground into the 21st century as well, explained Susan Reed, IT Manager at STScI, during ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 conference on May 7. Click to learn more.

USPS OIG Delivers on Service Outage Probe and Five-Year Strategic Plan

Imagine that you’re in charge of an organization with nationwide reach, one that regularly visits the front doorstep of every street address in America, and one that pledges delivery of service under any kind of condition including snow, rain, heat, and “gloom of night.” Today, keeping that promise requires maintaining the highest levels of visibility into IT issues to keep network functions online and manage advanced data analytics.
Click to learn more.

NCI Shares Recipe for Digital Transformation Success

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is creating new digital workflows to streamline processes and automate administrative functions. The goal is to create efficient, modern services that enable NCI staff to stay focused on supporting cancer research and advancing scientific knowledge to help people live longer, healthier lives.
Click to learn more.

NIST Gives Data-Driven Workforce a Unified, Flexible Dashboard

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which undertakes a big chunk of the Federal civilian government’s pure science and research and promotes standards to drive U.S. innovation, has created a unified employee dashboard that gives their data-driven users the ability to see and obtain exactly what they need while driving a unified view for the NIST leadership team. Click to learn more. 

Information at their Fingertips: USAID Delivers Consumer-Grade HR Employee Service

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is deploying enterprise-wide self-service HR, helping to keep USAID’s 11,000 employees focused on delivering humanitarian aid on a global scale. Click to learn more.

Build Once, Use Many: Federal IT Leaders Say Sharing Tools, Knowledge Will Accelerate Modernization and Improve Service

Federal IT leaders discussed the opportunity to share applications across government to reduce duplicative efforts and costs, and improve employee and customer experiences at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 Conference. Click to learn more.

Navy Deploys Automation, Configuration Management to Improve Communications Services

The U.S. Navy is deploying new, automated solutions to facilitate better customer experiences for their teams who use bandwidth-intensive applications on closed government networks. Speaking at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 19 conference, Jared Struchtemeyer, product owner at the Navy, discussed the challenges of tracking wide area network (WAN) links using only the Navy’s internal resources. Click to learn more.

ServiceNow Program Prepares Veterans for High Demand IT Jobs

The transition from military duty to civilian life can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. The ServiceNow Veterans Program aims to ease that passage and put veterans and their spouses in the driver’s seat of careers in the IT sector. Click to learn more.

NIST Deploys Recruiting Platform; Cuts Time to Hire by 24 Percent

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) implemented a new digital human resources (HR) platform. The system automates workflow for recruiting, keeping HR team members focused on high-value activities. Click to learn more.

HHS OIG Takes a “Solve Once and Share” Approach to IT Modernization

The Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG) is executing a broad modernization strategy, migrating to the cloud and deploying shared services. John O’Grady, Chief for Mission Support Systems, HHS OIG, discussed modernization progress at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 Conference in May. He explained HHS OIG has more than 1,500 employees providing oversight for a $1 trillion annual budget supporting health and human services programs. Click to learn more.

NGA Maps Systems, Assets; Establishes Modernization Foundation

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is streamlining its system of record and improving the customer experience for employees. Lawrence Turner, program manager at NGA, and April Atkins, configuration and change management lead at NGA, explained how the agency is maximizing potential through modern solutions at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 conference in May. Click to learn more.


ServiceNow Canada

Click here to view the ServiceNow Canada contract page.



Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) Management Solution

As mission readiness rates continue to drop and equipment continues to age, the Department of Defense (DoD) must continue to evolve its MRO processes to maintain global superiority in support of National Military Objectives. This involves managing projects, parts, inventory, logistics, and installation activities carried out by our warfighters, civilians, and contractors who need to have the right knowledge, at the right time and location, and the right materials.


Watch these 2 sessions to learn more:


Maintenance Repair Operations

(MRO) Management Solution


Supporting Military Readiness with

Data-Driven Maintenance Activity

ServiceNow MRO page

ServiceNow military readiness whitepaper

To learn more about how to get started on building the system of action to support more efficient and effective MRO activity, contact us today at MRO@servicenow.com.

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