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Intelligent Government Enterprise Application Software

Carahsoft and SAP have teamed together to provide SAP products and related maintenance services to the government. As SAP's Master VAR, Carahsoft supports an extensive ecosystem of resellers and consulting partners committed to helping government agencies transform their business operations to better support and deliver on the mission by using a low risk, proven solution built on a secure enterprise services architecture and a partnership with our customers.

EBM Program

SAP Member

Extended Business Program l Carahsoft

Thank you for your interest in the SAP Extended Business Program. Carahsoft is SAP's largest VAR in the US Public Sector and our team has the necessary expertise to help government organizations identify, plan for purchase and implement the ideal SAP solutions to address their unique business needs. Carahsoft helps government agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the performance of missions.

Program Overview

The SAP Extended Business Program supports your role in promoting and implementing SAP solutions to help grow your business. You will be able to identify opportunities in the US Public Sector and promote those opportunities during all phases of the sales and implementation cycles.

Program Membership Requirements

Now that you have completed all requirement collaboration agreements, you will have three months to complete the required training and respective qualification tests. Upon completing all minimum program requirements, your organization is entitled to obtain official status as a member of the SAP Extended Business program and use of the program logo according to the terms of the collaboration agreement. Below is a summary of the training requirements you must complete.

Why become an Extended Business Member?

The SAP Extended Business program offers a set of benefits rewarding your organization for active participation and success with SAP solutions. The following table summarizes available program benefits.

Interested in our EBM Program? Download the EBP Program Guide.

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