Discover the next evolution in law enforcement safety

Prepared's web-based platform incorporates never-before-accessible data into the emergency communications and emergency response paradigm, empowering public safety professionals to solve their oldest challenges with new, innovative solutions.

For too long, emergency communications and response have relied on antiquated technology to meet modern-day challenges. The result? Lifesaving data left by the wayside, 911 callers left without the help they need, and responders entering murky situations without full knowledge of what they're stepping into.

In the new emergency response paradigm, Prepared technology empowers callers to get the help they need by providing them with more ways to communicate their emergency. Rather than speak, they can show. If they can't speak, they can text and send pictures. If they do not speak English, they can communicate via translation. Dispatchers have greater control and ability to gather relevant, crucial information that they need to share with responders. No more vague descriptions, no more guesswork, just the facts of the situation. Responders gain a clearer picture than ever before of exactly what they are about to face. They can step into the scene having prepared an appropriate, measured response and act with confidence that's informed by advanced data, directly from the scene itself.

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