• The Mortgage Office- All in One Lending Program
  • Seamless and fluid integration with ERP Systems
  • Reporting Credit

The Mortgage Office makes your community lending programs run smoothly.

The Mortgage Office (TMO) offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions tailored to help municipalities and government organizations optimize their housing and other community lending programs. TMO offers loan origination and servicing solutions. Key features include:

  • Online applications and approvals (loan origination): The Loan Origination Module automates underwriting processes with customizable workflow, machine learning, and deal scoring, ensuring compliance with SOC 2 standards
  • Loan Tracking and Payment Collection (loan servicing): The core software facilitates the tracking of funding streams and simplifies the collection of payments from borrowers, automating many loan servicing needs.
  • Portfolio Management: TMO provides a real-time view of your entire lending portfolio all in one place.  Manage your loan portfolio’s health, identify at-risk loans, measure and report on overall program success, and send automatic reminders to borrowers and more.
  • Full Flexibility: TMO is built for the ultimate in customization to handle any lending scenario. The servicing module can track virtually any loan structure and is compliant with most regulatory guidelines, including HUD, CDBG, Rehab, Down Payment Assistance, and Small Business loans.
  • Online Borrower Portals: TMO offers a secure web-based portal for your borrowers to conveniently and quickly manage their loan on their own time. Borrowers can make payments, check their loan balance and payoff amounts, download tax and other forms, manage account information, and access a self-serve help library.
  • Integration with your other back office systems: The Mortgage Office's software integrates with popular LOS systems, Quickbooks, and Microsoft products, providing seamless operation within familiar applications and reducing paperwork and errors.

This software suite is particularly beneficial for government entities providing housing loans, as it streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures regulatory compliance, all while supporting community development through effective loan management.

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