Wherever your people are globally and whenever they need business critical information Geo-Replicator will get the information to them.

Our replication and compression technologies have been selected by Governments, Military and Global Organisations that operate in remote and hostile environments. We ensure information consistency, guarantee regulatory compliance and enable organisation-wide collaboration 24/7, 365.


iOra Geo-Replicator® provides guaranteed access to up-to-date business information, irrespective of connectivity and location. This results in reduced costs and improved productivity across the organisation. iOra Geo-Replicator® software uniquely provides multiple modes of replication within the same product:

  • Server-to-Server

    Replication of Microsoft SharePoint® content and structure between installed Microsoft SharePoint® installations.

  • Server-to-Laptop

    Replication of Microsoft SharePoint®, other web portals and file-based content to laptops for later visualized offline access.

  • Server-to-Virtual Server

    Replication of Microsoft SharePoint®, or other web portal content to remote servers for visualized access by groups of users even when offline.

  • File-Based Replication

    The efficient replication of file stores to virtual file store replicas, using the world leading iOra Epsilon® compression technology.


Case Study

Discover how to deliver data to the tactical edge with iOra

Distance Support, Sailor to Engineer program - Connecting sailors to expert technicians on shore

Product Brief

Product Brief
iOra is the leading global provider of the portal and file based compression and replication technology for organizations that need to operate in the most demanding environments. Our technology enables an intelligent, competent and transparent data exchange that is consistent and guaranteed, irrespe...


iOra Software delivers guaranteed access to information across challenging and unreliable networks. Trusted by Governments, Global Defense organizations and Global organizations to provide collaboration without the Cloud.