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Project Collaboration and Management Tools

Atlassian is the leading provider of collaboration, development, and issue tracking software - helping agencies modernize the way they work.

Atlassian also offers DevOps enterprise solutions. Our DevOps products foster collaboration, stimulate innovation, accelerate releases and continuously improve quality.

Carahsoft is pleased to serve as Atlassian's public sector aggregator, working with an extensive ecosystem of resellers, system integrators, and solution partners who are committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

Atlassian | Carahsoft Overview

Remote Work Solutions


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Atlassian Product Offerings

Plan, Track & Support

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Built for every member of your agency's software team to plan, track, and release great software.

Click here for more on Cloud
Click here for Cloud Premium

ITSM solution built for high-velocity development and operations teams
 - easily receive, track, manage, and resolve requests faster.

See all project information at a glance to manage projects, monitor details, measure performance, and keep your team organized.

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Unlock the agility of your enterprise. Jira Align connects your business strategy to technical execution. Paired with a flexible rules engine, notifying the right people on-call, enabling them
the take rapid action.
Manage subscribers directly and send consistent messages through the channels of your choice (email, text message, in-app message, etc.)

Information symbol Enterprise Solutions: Understand which deployment option is best for you. Learn more

Content Collaboration

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Organize work, create and share
documents, and discuss everything
in one place.
Bring the power of a visual perspective to your team.
See the big picture, or dive into the details,
all on one Trello board.

Code, Build & Ship

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Git code management that gives teams one place
to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy.
Search, monitor, and track across SVN, Git,
and Perforce repositories.

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Continuous integration, deployment,
and release management.
Find bugs and improve code quality
through peer code review.

Marketplace Apps & Integrations

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Questions for Confluence

The single sign-on and identity management
tool that's easy to use, administer, and integrate.
Capture, learn from, and retain the collective knowledge
of your organization as it grows.

Portfolio for Jira

Team Calendars for Confluence

Plan across multiple projects and teams.
Know when you can deliver, react to change,
and keep everyone on the same page.
Connect Confluence and Jira. Your team's single source
of truth for managing team leave, tracking projects,
and planning events.

Enterprise Solutions


The Atlassian cloud provides companies with solutions that accelerate and scale the full potential of every team’s work. Start you free trial now.

Data Residency: Choose where primary product data, such as tickets and pages, is hosted across our data regions in the US or EU for greater control of how your organization stores content.
Uptime SLA: Around the clock uptime SLA for Cloud Premium (99.9%) and Cloud Enterprise (99.95%) product plans, financially backed with service level credits.
Change Management: Batch and control cloud releases to end users with release tracks, and leverage a safe, isolated sandbox environment to test apps and preview changes.
Centralized user billing: Cloud Enterprise customers benefit from a simplified billing structure. Assign users to an unlimited amount of instances in your environment with a single user license.
Dedicated support: Get our highest priority 24/7 support with 30-minute response times for critical issues. Cloud Enterprise customers receive dedicated support from a team of expert Customer Success Managers.
Atlassian Access: Streamline security and centralize administration with SAML SSO, automated user provisioning, Active Directory sync, and more, across all your Atlassian cloud products.

Data Center

Delivering uptime and consistent performance at scale to mission-critical Atlassian applications. For more information, view our Data Center guide.

Compliance and security: Safeguard your data and enforce compliance protocols.
Scale, performance, and availability: Eliminate downtime and achieve optimal performance for your teams.
Infrastructure and operations: Deploy flexibly on an infrastructure that meets your organization's unique needs.
Advanced user management: Simple and secure user authentication with enhanced identity controls.
Data and insights: Unlock critical information about your organization.
Apps & extensibility: Enhance your work with an enterprise-grade ecosystem tested for performance, stability, and security.

Technical Account Management (TAM)

Atlassian Technical Account Management (TAM) offers experienced solutions advisors that can unlock the potential of your tools, improve collaboration throughout your agency, and help you operate effectively at scale. View our TAM guide for more information.

Engage an Atlassian Guide Learn best practices directly from an Atlassian insider with product and industry knowledge.
Align your teams Make faster team decisions on changes in processes and tooling.
Measure and optimize Give leadership the visibility and insight needed to make better decisions.
Plan your journey Navigate transformational challenges for DevOps, ITSM, and Agile at scale with customized solutions.
Execute for scale Unlock broader solution usage through user onboarding, knowledge transfer, and managing for growth.
Access what's next Get regular updates on product roadmaps and provide input on agency needs.

Support Services

Keep your systems running smoothly with access to highly-trained support teams and quick response times.

Premier Support

Our highest level of support includes coverage for all of your Atlassian applications and 24/7 access to dedicated senior support engineers.

Priority Support

Ensure your mission-critical Atlassian Server and Data Center applications scale successfully.

Atlassian also offers an Enterprise Success Package to give your agency the dedicated support it needs. This combines 24x7 Premier Support services with access to a Technical Account manager (TAM). Together, the enterprise services work alongside one another to enable your teams to achieve success on Atlassian products –contact us for more information!

Atlassian Stack

Unleash the potential in every team with the Atlassian suite.

Standardize on the tools teams want

Many of your teams are already realizing the benefits of using the Atlassian suite; fast track productivity and collaboration across all teams – IT, software, and more


An Enterprise DevOps solution

Foster a culture of collaboration between development and IT operations teams. Atlassian tools speed up releases by automating tasks and defining processes, accelerate time to resolution with faster feedback loops, and helping you prioritize unplanned work.


Scale Atlassian with your agency

Data Center is a self-hosted deployment option that provides the deployment flexibility, authentication, control, high availability, and performance you require for the tools your teams use every day.


Atlassian University

Atlassian University provides training and certification programs to develop and validate expertise in our products. We're here for you on every step of your journey, whether you're improving the capability of your team or building your career.

Courses are offered in a variety of formats including virtual classes and on-site training for teams. Check out the University Catalog for course options, including free trainings and tutorials!

Learning Paths

Earn formal endorsement from Atlassian and industry recognition for your skills and experience. Get on the path to Atlassian Certification today!

Learn your own way with flexible self-paced on demand courses and live team trainings.


Atlassian Certifications enhance your credibility, sharpen your performance, and help you deliver world-class experiences to public sector teams everywhere. Why get certified?

Stand out from the crowd Find your path Grow as a team
Differentiate yourself and join an community of validated product experts. Open the door to more opportunities and advancements on your career path. Optimize Atlassian products for your teams, so they can do their best work.

Training for Jira

The new Training for Jira app contains a growing collection of short, interactive tutorials designed to get your agency team started in Jira quickly. Training for Jira enables users to learn essential concepts from within Jira itself.


End Users

Atlassian Government End User License Agreement

Atlassian State and Local Amendment for State, Local, Education

*Please note that State, Local, and Education customers are entitled to use the Government EULA

Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use

*Please note that this applies to both Federal and State & Local Government customers


*SLSA Contract Is Pending



May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Dec 19, 2026

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2026

Department of General Services PA - Symantec

May 01, 2009- Dec 19, 2026

Maryland Master Contract (COTS)

Oct 01, 2012- Sep 30, 2027


Dec 20, 2011- Jun 30, 2022

OH STS 0119Y

May 31, 2012- Dec 19, 2026

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056A

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

State of Indiana Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Jun 30, 2022

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Dec 31, 2022

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available


E&I Carahsoft Cloud Solutions & Services Distributor Contract

Apr 01, 2021- Mar 31, 2026

Educational Software Solutions and Services - OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

Feb 27, 2020- Apr 30, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2023

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025

The Quilt

MSA - 05012019F
Apr 01, 2016- May 02, 2025


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2026

Atlassian Advantage


Check out our podcasts, demo videos, and blogs!


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2022 Blogs

Making the Most of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Phoebe Nerdahl | Head of Public Sector, Atlassian
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides a historic $973B investment into America’s growing backlog of infrastructure needs. For decades, roads, bridges, water and wastewater networks, ports, and electrical grids have all lacked the funds needed to repair them. Besides addressing these critical infrastructure needs, the IIJA also includes $550B of new investments addressing critical, forward-thinking priorities such as digital equity, cybersecurity, and resiliency. This historic bill will help federal, state, and local government agencies address some of their community’s most critical needs.


Why Knowledge Management is the Next Best Step for Your Agency

Samuel Nadarajan | Atlassian Certified Expert, Kunz, Leigh & Associates
As government agencies grow in size and workload capacity, it becomes more important to track ideas and information within the workplace. Working with disorganized and unattainable information impedes work flow, causes hesitancy, and precipitates the loss of ideas. The key solution for combatting workplace disarray is an effective knowledge management strategy—the discipline of creating, organizing, documenting, structuring, and teaching accessible information. While implementing organizational strategies may not be a priority for every agency, it is imperative to ensure work processes run efficiently. Agencies save time, money, and resources by investing in knowledge management.


  • 2021 Blogs

    Demystifying Canada’s Data Residency Policies

    Joanne Yo | Canada Regional Lead, Atlassian
    Wondering what types of data your agency can store in the cloud and still meet the Canadian government’s data residency requirements? You are not alone. The Canadian Federal Government maintains strict requirements for where government agencies can store their data. Plus, some Canadian provinces have their own regulations that layer on top of the federal ones. The country’s wide range of data residency policies makes it essential to understand which federal and local statutes apply to your data in choosing between Atlassian cloud and Atlassian Data Center hosting.

    Managing Large-scale Instances in Government Agencies

    Ken Urban | Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer, Federal, Atlassian
    As agencies increase the speed of their IT transformation initiatives, they’re finding even more ways to leverage Atlassian applications. Many government agencies are expanding from one or two successful Atlassian-managed projects, scaling their instances to meet a much broader, agency-wide use case. More and more, I’ve been asked how to manage large instances of Atlassian products across an entire government agency. Having managed multiple, extremely large systems (and having lived to tell about it), I thought it might be useful to list some of the best practices and self-protections my team has developed along the way.

    Scaling Atlassian Deployments for Canadian Government Agencies

    Joanne Yo | Canada Regional Lead, Atlassian
    Canadian government agencies are using Atlassian solutions to modernize their ICT systems and approaches at record pace. As you discover more ways to leverage the functionality of Atlassian workflows inside of your agency, it’s only natural that your Atlassian user base and needs will grow. As more of your teams standardize on Jira and Confluence, it’s time to evaluate your scaling, support and performance needs. Whether that future involves migrating to Atlassian cloud or the on-premises Atlassian Data Center, you are assured of the high availability, greater reliability, and low latency your agency and programs need. This blog will explore which path is best suited to your agency’s needs.

  • Archived Blogs

    2020 Blogs:

    How Federal Agencies Can Achieve Section 508 Compliance

    Jaclyn Mazzarella | VP of Marketing, Addteq
    Technology has enabled users with visual or other impairments to more easily navigate the world around them, and government organizations are increasingly expected to abide by basic digital accessibility standards and to comply with federal requirements.

    How a Large Government Project Streamlined Its Workflow with Atlassian Tools

    Jason White | Principal, Apnatomy LL and Certified Agile Leadership Certification
    Apnatomy was recently invited to work on a large government project that involves collaboration among national laboratories and universities spread across the country.

    How to Scale Workflow Applications to Fit Federal Projects

    Jason White | Principal, Apnatomy LLC, and (CAL1) Certified Agile Leadership, Apnatomy
    Software applications that streamline communication, promote collaboration, and create structured reporting practices are powerful tools that agencies can use to optimize project management workflows.

    Remote-Friendly Tools Available for Free

    Scott Farquhar | Co-Founder & Co-CEO
    Starting today, teams can get cloud-based editions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core at no charge. This adds to the existing free offerings already in place for Trello, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie, which give all types of teams a set of great capabilities for collaboration. These products can be accessed starting today at www.atlassian.com/free .

    How Your Agency Can Benefit from Enterprise Service Management

    Shayla Sander | State & Local Channel Manager, Atlassian
    Most of us have interacted with an IT department in our daily life, whether it was as an external customer or an internal employee. When you have an IT issue or need, you follow the typical steps that include sending in a request, an automated response, and so on and so forth. This well-accustomed process is just one part of an established IT strategy called IT Service Management (ITSM). This process can be found in almost every agency but what if this process was adopted in every department? What are the benefits of scaling this capability? This is how Enterprise Service Management (ESM), an evolution of ITSM, came to be.

    The Winning Tools Your Agency Needs to Modernize their HR and Stakeholder Management Workflows

    Justin Leader | CEO of HyperVelocity, an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner
    For business and administrative teams in the public sector, especially those in intelligence or military, we find that they are not supported well with their work tracking tools. Often, they are unpleasant or improvised from basic office productivity tools like email and spreadsheets. This is why improving efficiencies and reducing costs can be a challenging but highly rewarding endeavor, with a lot of low-hanging fruit. Two of the most ‘fruitful’ areas we’ve helped clients with in the past years are HR processes (such as onboarding personnel) and stakeholder management. In this post, I want to outline how to effectively modernize your agency’s HR and Stakeholder Management workflows with a few tools.

    Three Ways to Make the Most of your Atlassian Software

    Thad West | Co-Founder & CEO, Isos Technology and Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner
    More than 150,000 organizations worldwide rely on Atlassian software for project management, collaboration, IT service management, and more. Atlassian’s solutions are highly customizable to fit the needs of a wide variety of organizations, whether it’s the backbone for your application development teams or your knowledge base and workflow engine for your entire organization. Switching to Atlassian products can be a game changer for an organization—and one way to make the most of the investment in the software is to work with an Atlassian Solution Partner.

    Why You Need a Comprehensive Training Program

    Shayla Sander | State & Local Channel Manager, Atlassian
    Agencies often think of training as something that needs to be prompted by a specific event—such as a new hire or the introduction of a new technology. But organizations that thrive are the ones that see training as a continual process that is integral to their mission and thus build it into their planning and budgeting. Unfortunately, many organizations and employees view training as something to do later when funds or time become available. The reality is that training is often overlooked or forgotten because of competing priorities. Increasingly, however, a comprehensive training program is essential to an agency’s success for a variety of reasons.

    How to Maintain Security in a Fast-Paced DevOps Environment

    Mehron Latifi | Federal Sales Representative, Goldfinger Holdings, Inc
    The DevOps environment is always changing—and changing quickly. Whether an application is designed for general use or is mission critical to an agency, DevOps must be secure. And it’s not enough for the application to be secure; the entire development environment must be secure as well.

    Secure Cloud Solutions for Every Government Team

    Rajmohan Rajagopalan | Co-Founder & Co-CEO Head of Product, Enterprise Cloud Platform
    Atlassian software is now available in the widest range of secure cloud solutions than ever before, covering a multi-dimensional spectrum of security and deployment needs.

    Adaptavist's Agile Mentoring Fosters an Agile Mindset in Government Organizations

    John Turley | Innovator, Adaptivist
    Everyone—from department heads to newspaper headings—is urging you to innovate. You are told that innovation is the key to success. It’s the only way organizations get ahead, become more efficient, and improve stakeholder services. But how you innovate is rarely explained. You probably didn’t take a class on innovation in college. And people in your organization seem invested in keeping everything the same. Not to mention that you have day-to-day work to accomplish. When are you supposed to find time to innovate?

    2019 Blogs:

    3 Takeaways from WEST 2019

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    The Atlassian team at Carahsoft attended WEST 2019, the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast. Co-sponsored by the AFCEA, the conference brings together military and industry leaders for networking, discussion, and demonstrations of the latest technology.


    Ensuring Scalability for Mission-Critical Atlassian Apps

    Jim Dodson | Atlassian Public Sector Strategic Accounts Manager
    Ahh, success. Your agency has been growing for several years now: expanding services and getting greater productivity from a sometimes-stretched headcount. Doing more with less, teams are nonetheless excited and ambitious.


    The Dos and Don'ts of Scaling Agile

    Jessica Seitz | Atlassian Product Marketing Manager
    Atlassian's Work Futurist, Dom Price, on the transformational challenges enterprises are facing - and how to navigate the realities of agile growth.

    Scaling DevOps? Don't Overlook These Fundamental Steps

    Ken Urban | Atlassian Senior Solutions Engineer
    DevOps is a powerful methodology that drives continuous improvement. But for many agencies, implementing DevOps means a radical shift in how development and operations teams work together.

    The Power of Platform Innovation and Team Collaboration for DoD Modernization

    Jim Dodson | Atlassian Public Sector Strategic Accounts Manager
    As anyone involved in the defense industry knows, warfare today looks very different than it did just two decades ago. Gone are the days of orderly declarations of war and predictable rules of engagement.

    2018 Blogs:

    3 Top Challenges for Government Agency Project Management and How to Solve Them

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    Project management is the art and science of rallying a team, creating a plan and executing on it. That simplified definition hides a whole host of complications – and government agencies have a unique set of challenges to overcome to drive project completion, achieve key success criteria, and do it all while meeting specific compliance requirements.

    3 Steps to Federal DevOps Success

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    Federal agencies today face enormous pressure to transform their outdated applications in order to realize cost savings and efficiencies and improve service delivery. Many agencies still use legacy systems and architecture that lack modern functionality and fail to provide adequate security – in 2018, the Federal budget identified 70.3% of Federal IT spending as related to maintaining legacy systems. As outdated data and code repositories become more difficult to support, these systems become increasingly expensive to maintain.

    3 Takeaways from the 2018 DoDIIS Conference

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    Representatives from the Atlassian team at Carahsoft and Praecipio Consulting attended the recent Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference (DoDIIS), hosted annually by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

    3 Benefits Agencies Get from Modernizing IT Service Operations

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    The push to modernize IT in government agencies is largely focused on upgrading legacy systems that are built on clunky, obsolete hardware and software platforms. According to the State of Service Desk report, 52% of service desk professionals aren’t satisfied with their current service desk solution.* It makes sense for agencies to replace these systems with the latest technologies – but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. The efficiencies and cost savings realized by upgrading IT systems can disappear quickly if accompanying support and service operations remain disjointed or siloed.

    4 Criteria for Evaluating Agency Knowledge Management Program Effectiveness

    Natalie Gregory | Vice President, Open Source Solutions and Atlassian, Carahsoft
    A number of external forces are pressuring federal agencies to think long and hard about their knowledge management programs. Shrinking budgets, for one, mean that agencies must find ways to accomplish their missions with fewer resources. At the same time, an aging workforce threatens to leave agencies without the institutional knowledge that’s critical for improving productivity.

Verified Government Partners

Atlassian Verified Government Partners have met our rigorous training criteria and have a proven track record of helping public sector organizations of all sizes achieve mission success. From consulting to contracts, these partners understand how to best support your government agency's needs.

See the list of partners below:

Atlassian Application Ecosystem

Did you know that Atlassian has an immense ecosystem of applications that allow you to customize and advance your team’s full potential. Check out the below ecosystem of applications to get started.


Past Events, Webinars & Trainings


Latest News

Here at Adaptavist we’re no stranger to digital transformation, and work with clients globally to help them boost agility and overcome their business challenges with our Transformation Solutions.
Atlassian Corporation Plc, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, today announced that its cloud-based work management solution, Trello Enterprise, has achieved Federal ...
Team collaboration can be a challenge without the right software to allow document sharing, editing, and team communication. Here are this year's best tools for working together over any distance.
Atlassian rolled out fresh updates to its Jira Roadmaps feature and set the stage for further workflow refinements and integrations with other Atlassian software in 2020.
Atlassian Corp. Plc. today revealed that its Trello to-do tracker for teams has passed 50 million registered users, a milestone it’s marking by releasing a set of new time-saving features.
Atlassian has pushed out Jira Software 8.5 and Jira Service Desk 4.5 Enterprise releases for Server and Data Center. Enterprise releases are designed for large, self-managed systems and typically ...
On Thursday, collaboration company Atlassian announced its acquisition of Code Barrel, which makes automation tooling for Atlassian’s flagship team ticket tracking product, Jira. Both companies are ...
Opsgenie and Zendesk are aligned in their focus on creating tools that enable their focus on creating tools that enable customers to create these exceptional experiences, and in the belief that there ...
Atlassian investors are betting the company’s new focus on accelerating the expansion of its cloud business will enable continued outperformance on the top line.
Click to hear Jay Simons’ strategy that helped increase turn Atlassian into a $1 billion company over the decade.
Jira Service Desk is now integrated so it is accessible on macOS, with examples on how the product looks and can be used on Mac provided.
Find out how your company can determine their infrastructure based on instance size. Examples from tests the Atlassian team conducted are provided inside
Atlassian has updates to 15 new features to increase user experience. Learn about updates in Confluence, an integration on OpsGenie, and improvements in Amazon Web Services international regions.
October 18, 2018
The Jira Software you needed in 2002 isn’t the Jira Software you need today. The workflows you built in 2010 aren’t the workflows you need today. And the permissions model we built for early ...
Forrester recently released their first-ever analyst evaluation of the emerging Enterprise Service Management (ESM) landscape, The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Service Management, Q3 2018. Forrester ...
When we announced Stride in September 2017, we said, “It’s time we rethink the way we’re working. We believe that teams can stay connected and keep moving forward.” We still believe that.
Confluence and Jira Software: Separate, they’re good. Together, they’re real good. In fact, over half of Jira Software teams already use Confluence as a complement to Jira and their agile ...
Learn how Atlassian serves as a leader in team-level solutions for both agile and traditional development.
Gaining entry into organizations one development team at a time, Atlassian has managed to create a vibrant ecosystem of software tools that has become among the most popular in the developer arsenal.


  • Atlassian Blogs
    Atlassian tools blog

    Supercharge your DevSecOps mission with Atlassian tools

    Atlassian is now available on the United States Air Force Platform One. Platform One is a centralized team providing agile software development capabilities with baked-in security to DoD Programs. This combined with Atlassian DevSecOps tools, practices and support makes it faster and easier than eve... Learn More

  • Atlassian Case Study
    Atlassian Federal IT case study

    The Foundation for Federal IT Success

    To help the Federal Government achieve IT modernization cost savings and efficiencies, agencies need a way to organize what needs to be done, develop and communicate a plan, and enable their teams to accomplish it...together.Federal agencies currently use Atlassian's integrated software to innovate ... Learn More

  • Atlassian Datasheets
    Atlassian Scaling DevOps datasheet

    Beginner's Guide to Scaling DevOps

    For agencies looking to make big changes at scale, adopting - and continually improving upon - DevOps can be quite the challenge. Save yourself some time and get real-world advice from the engineering and service operations teams behind industry-leading applications like Jira Software, Confluence an... Learn More

    Atlassian Confluence Cloud datasheet

    Confluence Cloud Premium

    Uncover better insights and increase efficiency with analytics, admin controls and platform support. Learn More

    Atlassian Bitbucket and Bamboo datasheet

    Bitbucket and Bamboo: DevOps for Enterprise

    With DevOps, development teams boost productivity through workflow automation, tighter communication across teams, and easier access to information (e.g. build and development status on JIRA issues and pull requests). Bitbucket Server & Data Center 5.0 and Bamboo 6.0 bring these key elements to the ... Learn More

    Atlassian DevSecOps datasheet

    Speed DevSecOps Adoption and Accelerate Transformation

    When DevSecOps methodologies are paired with the right tools and expertise, agency teams become more agile, more responsive and can dramatically accelerate digital initiatives. Atlassian delivers an end-to-end, integrated and extensible DevSecOps solution set that functions as your agency’s operating system for game-changing capabilities ... Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Enterprise datasheet

    Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

    Cloud Enterprise is the most advanced cloud offering for Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Management. In addition to all the capabilities you get with Cloud Premium, it offers enterprise-grade scale, security and governance controls to help you get the most out of your mission-critical Atlassian products.... Learn More

    Three Reasons Government Teams Need Jira Service Management

    Three Reasons Government Teams Need Jira Service Management

    Government teams work hard to meet their stakeholders’ high expectations and deliver modern, streamlined, always-on services. To do this efficiently requires a flexible and collaborative service management solution that meets the unique mission requirements of government agencies. With Jira Service Management, teams can accelerate and modernize service delivery across departments, divisions, and even the entire agency. Learn why Jira Service Management is right for your agency... Learn More

    The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Jira Align

    The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Jira Align

    Five businesses that used Jira Align to support their agile transformations realized outstanding productivity gains on their product and development teams soon after deploying the software. As the businesses matured their scaled agile practices and expanded their Jira Align deployments, they achieved faster time-to-market and avoided waste. Jira Align connected strategy to execution and enabled enterprise wide agility... Learn More

  • Atlassian E-Books
    Atlassian DevOps eBook

    DevOps with Atlassian

    Old-school development models just don’t hold up to such high-demand, high-growth environments. Traditionally, Development and Operations teams work separately in silos, hindering the ability to move fast. The response to this contentious relationship was a movement called DevOps. It’s a fancy p... Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Scale eBook

    Scale in the Cloud

    Search the term “scale your business” in Google and you’ll come up with almost two billion results... Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Profits eBook

    Increase Profits (and reduce admin costs) in the Cloud

    Systems downtime can cost three times as much as a year-long cloud subscription in a matter of minutes or hours. IT time and resources can be cut in half by a move off-prem. And that’s not even factoring in operational expenditures and the cost of overprovisioning resources... Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Speed eBook

    Improve Speed and Performance in the Cloud

    42% of professionals say improving network performance is one of the top reasons to move to the cloud. And the bigger your company, the more performance matters. In fact, in companies with over 1,000 employees, 76% of leaders surveyed say they’re adopting the cloud to improve the speed of IT service delivery... Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Productivity eBook

    Improve Productivity in the Cloud

    Four reasons to move to the cloud and improve your productivity... Learn More

    Atlassian Future Proof eBook

    Future-Proof your Teams in the Cloud

    Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Scale eBook

    How to Scale Your Organization with Atlassian Cloud

    Cloud services are more secure, sustainable, agile, and cost-effective than ever before and companies are embracing the new technology with open arms... Learn More

    Atlassian Jira Service eBook

    Getting Started with Jira Service Management

    Jira Service Management helps high-performing, innovative IT organizations deliver new services and increase the flow of work with flexible workflows and a common platform that unites development and IT operations teams.... Learn More

    Atlassian Confluence Data Center eBook

    Monitoring and Reporting with Confluence Data Center

    When it comes to driving efficiency and effectiveness in your organization, monitoring and reporting capabilities are your best friends. These capabilities are what allow you to gain insight into how your teams are using their software. Learn how to drive enterprise efficiency with Confluence Data Center... Learn More

    Federal News Network Executive DevSecOps Survey Series E-Book

    Federal News Network Executive DevSecOps Survey Series

    A new Federal News Network survey of federal employees shows how the deep roots of DevSecOps have anchored themselves in the soil of project and program management. One thing is clear from the survey: While the ground is fertile, the DevSecOps approach needs plenty of water and sunshine to thrive in the coming years. The desire to change and to bring in modern, innovative approaches to technology development is real... Learn More

    The Atlassian Approach to ESM E-Book

    The Atlassian Approach to ESM

    The pace of business today demands that teams move at higher velocity. Technology is moving fast, from super quantum computing to artificial intelligence to self-driving cars. Enterprises across every industry are undergoing massive digital transformation... Learn More

  • Atlassian Guides
    Atlassian Agile Scale guide

    Four Steps to Scaling Agile Across the Enterprise

    With different teams adopting different agile tools and processes, it's challenging for managers to keep everyone aligned. Discover how multiple teams can all align with Jira Software and Portfolio for Jira as they scale agile. Learn More

    Atlassian Confluence shortcuts guide

    A Quick and Easy Guide to Confluence Shortcuts

    Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts available for Confluence? Download the Confluence Shortcuts guide today to help you find pages faster, organize and edit information, and stay connected to the rest of your team and what they're working on. Learn More

    Atlassian Cloud Identity guide

    The Atlassian Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Governance

    The key to taking full advantage of this new digital world is facilitating collaboration within an organization. In order to make good decisions, the right people need to be connected to the right information --- and quickly. Plans need to be shared, critical issues need to be elevated, and decision... Learn More

    Atlassian Project management guide

    Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    The steps, skills, and troubleshooting techniques you’ll need to deliver the goods without losing your mind. Learn More

    Atlassian Gov Productivity guide

    How Agencies Can Adopt Agile Practices

    Government organizations at all levels are increasingly adopting agile development approaches like DevOps. Not only do these iterative, collaborative processes speed up delivery times for critical digital services and applications, they also meet unique public sector needs. To learn why agencies are...

    Learn More

    Atlassian Beyond basics guide

    Beyond the Basics

    Download this guide to learn: The basics of agile at scaleHow to understand your agile maturityThe minimum viable principles for scaling agileThe changes required of your people to engage in an agile transformationBest practices for scaling agility and tips to get startedHow Atlassian's tools can su... Learn More

    Atlassian adapt guide

    Centralize Knowledge to Adapt to Change with Atlassian

    It’s a challenge to meet each new priority and program while handling your existing workload. In a perfect world, you could develop efficiencies by streamlining processes and encouraging team collaboration. That’s hard to accomplish when you’re still working with legacy systems, static toolset... Learn More

    Atlassian Modern ITSM guide

    Building a Legendary Service Desk: A Quick Guide to Modern ITSM

    For a few decades, IT was mostly back office nerdery. We fixed computers and ate donuts. Help desk workers reset passwords. We certainly weren’t seen as strategic. And then we arrived. Today, IT has become the backbone of nearly every business in the world, from Silicon Valley startups to globa...

    Learn More

    Atlassian Data Center guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Data Center

    As an organization, your needs and requirements change as you grow. For example, finding an enterprise-grade solution that scales may be a top priority because you have more users accessing your applications. You may already be experiencing application downtime or performance degradation and lack the ability to scale your applications. This is known as the "tipping point". When you’ve hit this point, it’s important that you find a solution that not only scales to meet your user demand, but one that’s reliable... Learn More

    Atlassian Confluence and Jira Service guide

    Using Confluence and Jira Service Management Together

    With their powers combined, Confluence and Jira Service Management beautifully integrate to save your team time and improve your customer experience by surfacing the information your customers or employees need to resolve their issue, fast....Learn More

    Atlassian Data Center Downtime Protection Guide

    How Atlassian Data Center Protects Your Organization Against Downtime

    As your organization or agency continues to scale, the impact of both unplanned and planned downtime becomes more evident. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to adopt products that can ensure that downtime doesn’t disrupt your teams. Learn More

    Scale and Reliability with Cloud Enterprise Guide

    Scale and Reliability with Cloud Enterprise

    A quick guide to the benefits of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. Learn More

    Enterprise Security and Compliance for Self-Managed Environments

    Enterprise Security and Compliance for Self-Managed Environments

    This handbook will focus on providing advice to security and compliance for organizations that manage their Atlassian suite of products on-premise, including a deep dive into how product capabilities available in Atlassian Data Center can help meet evolving enterprise security and compliance needs. Learn More

    User Management Feature Guide

    User Management Feature Guide

    Data Center provides several user management capabilities, built with the enterprise environment in mind. Their purpose is to make processes like authorization, authentication, SSO, and user provisioning easier to achieve at scale, while also ensuring that regulatory requirements - both internal and external - are met without friction. Learn More

    How Agencies Streamline Operations with Agile Workflows Guide

    Streamline Operations with Agile Workflows

    The pandemic hit federal agencies with a seismic event powerful enough to remake government workspaces, most notably with the unprecedented, large-scale shift to remote work and digital services. Now, the federal government is analyzing the full impact the crisis has had on agencies’ operations, workers, culture, workflows and processes – and exploring opportunities to improve the way government does its work. Learn More

  • Atlassian Infographics
    Atlassian challenges infographic

    3 Challenges in Agency Project Management

    Project management is the art and science of rallying a team, creating a plan and executing on it. That simplified definition hides a whole host of complications - and government agencies have a unique set of challenges to overcome to drive project completion, achieve key success criteria, and do it... Learn More

    Atlassian DevOps infographic

    Speed, Relevance, Scale: DevOps for Government

    In this brief infographic, you’ll learn the cycle of DevOps and the extreme benefits it brings to your agency. Click here to learn why you should implement Atlassian for your solutions. Learn More

    Atlassian help desk infographic

    Four Things to Look for in Help-Desk Software

    Government help-desks handle a variety of important activities like the intake, processing, tracking, and resolution of requests for assistance from government customers—citizens, partners, businesses, and personnel. Whether the input comes via email, telephone, walk-in visit, web form, or IM chat... Learn More

    Atlassian Federal IT infographic

    Fueling Agile Success Across Federal IT

    The Federal Government identified incremental development and iterative project management practices as key to providing capability and flexibility to meet today’s dynamic policy and mission requirements. While the benefits of agile practices are clear, changing legacy processes to more agile meth... Learn More

    Atlassian knowledge management infographic

    8 Steps to Implementing a Knowledge Management Program at Your Agency

    Agencies risk losing important information that isn’t programmatically captured and managed. Knowledge management allows teams to create, curate, share, utilize, and mange knowledge across an agency. This can be complicated, but it isn’t brain surgery. After a team has implemented a knowledge ma... Learn More

    Atlassian Jira Service infographic

    5 Signs It's Time to Switch to Jira Service Desk

    Is your legacy IT service costing your agency time and millions of dollars? It might be time to make the switch to Jira Service Desk.Compared to its competitors, Jira Service Desk provides increased collaboration, extensibility to leaner IT Service Management workflows, and dramatically lower costs.... Learn More

    Atlassian modernizing infographic

    3 Benefits Agencies Get From Modernizing IT Service Operations

    Service Desk teams face a variety of challenges - with the right approach, modernizing service operations is an opportunity for agencies to realize tremendous cost savings and other benefits. Learn More

    Unlocking High-Velocity ITSM Infographic

    Unlocking High-Velocity ITSM

    These days, organizations are tasked with navigating through uncertain times. And in order to survive and thrive, they must learn to respond with higher velocity, become agile and embrace DevOps. This Forrester infographic explains key drivers for ITSM and what high-performing teams get right to make it through these times. The infographic included is a summarized report of 'Proven Drivers of Unlocking High-Velocity ITSM' Learn More

    Atlassian infographic

    The Untapped Potential Of Open Collaboration

    Software development and IT teams are being held back by outdated tools and attitudes around collaboration... Learn More

  • Atlassian Presentation
    Attlassian Gov symposium

    Atlassian Government (DoD) Use Case

    Find out how Data Center helped the DoD scale from 60,000 users to 100,000 users. Learn More

  • Atlassian Resources
    Atlassian Opsgenie resource

    Top 10 Reasons Companies Are Choosing Opsgenie Over Competitors

    Over the last six months, Opsgenie's customer base has expanded significantly. It has become the tool of choice for teams that are new to operation always-on services, as well as those who have been left disappointed by alternative solutions. Here are the top ten reasons Dev and Ops teams are choosi... Learn More

    Atlassian ITSM resource

    The Complete Guide to Atlassian for ITSM

    In this guide, we’re excited to share how Atlassian can support you and your teams on your journey as change makers. Based on our experience working with leading enterprises, we’ll share best practices on how to reimagine your by combining team-centric practices with Atlassian’s best-of-breed ... Learn More

    Atlassian Data Center resource

    Make the Case for Data Center

    Have your Atlassian products become mission-critical? Are you starting to think about the tools and services that could accelerate your business results? Perhaps you’ve already spent months evaluating something, and now really want to make the case for it. But how do you convince your team? Learn More

    Atlassian DevOps survey

    Atlassian Survey 2020 - DevOps Trends

    What you'll learn in this reportAtlassian, in partnership with CITE Research, surveyed 500 professionals about their success with DevOps, the barriers they faced, and the impact of tools and culture on their work. As DevOps becomes the norm in every organization, learn what companies doing DevOps ... Learn More

    Atlassian Enterprise Success Package

    Enterprise Success Package

    When your organization's success depends on the software products you build and the teams who develop them, you expect reliable and exhaustive support. With the Enterprise Success Package, your expectations will be met with access to both a named Technical Account Manager (TAM) and 24x7 Premier Supp... Learn More

    Atlassian State and Local resource

    ITSM Solutions for State and Local Government

    Discover how Atlassian’s ITSM solutions are designed to work together to emphasize collaboration, increase of use, and deliver faster value. Learn More

    Atlassian Solutions sheet

    Atlassian Solutions Sell Sheet

    Learn More

    Atlassian Solutions sheet

    Lightning-fast Agency and Program Decision Making with Jira Align

    Jira Align is how government organizations can gain visibility into processes, improve predictability, and enhance responsiveness to changing circumstances. At the Atlassian Government Symposium 2021, Jesse Pearlman demonstrated how Jira Align could help government agencies achieve real agility.

    Learn More


    The State of Incident Management Report

    Atlassian conducted its first incident management benchmark report in 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a result of stay at home orders and health concerns, the world changed quickly and so did consumer habits. With many people spending more time at home than ever before, industries like streaming, food and grocery delivery, and at-home fitness solutions experienced massive growth. This year’s report saw the aftermath of extended social distancing and quarantining.

    Learn More


    The Total Economic Impact™ of the Atlassian Cloud

    As companies continue to embrace digital transformation and adopt agile software development practices, many find themselves taking existing toolsets to the cloud for better accessibility, higher scalability, and a more standardized way of working. For years, companies have used Jira Software and Confluence as components in the developer’s toolkit — and now, Atlassian Cloud has brought both solutions to the cloud and is showcasing improvements in productivity while increasing scalability.

    Learn More

    Atlassian Delivering Improved Constituent Services image

    Delivering Improved Constituent Services Quickly, Easily and Affordably

    To meet the quickly evolving needs around constituent service delivery -- without the cost of enterprise service desk solutions -- many organizations are embracing IT service management (ITSM) tools that improve public service while saving money. Agencies can build service hubs that use automation and easy-to-use interfaces that reduce stress on staff. This yields faster, more reliable answers to citizens' questions and requests, building trust while reducing complaints.

    Learn More

    Tech Spotlight - Atlassian Right Star: Lean Agility for the Government 2021 image

    Tech Spotlight - Atlassian Right Star: Lean Agility for the Government 2021

    Download the Tech Spotlight to learn more about RightStar how they can provide training, coaching, configuration and setup for Jira Align along with other solutions in the Atlassian suite.

    Learn More

    Tech Spotlight - Ascend Integrated: Workflow Efficiencies & Productivity image

    Tech Spotlight - Ascend Integrated: Workflow Efficiencies & Productivity

    Download the Tech Spotlight to learn more about how Ascend Integrated and Atlassian can help your agency achieve workflow efficiencies and productivity.

    Learn More

    Tech Spotlight - Ascend Integrated: Workflow Efficiencies & Productivity image

    The Digitization of Work just Accelerated in These 4 Areas

    The pandemic forced many companies to go remote at a moment’s notice. It accelerated adoption of tools that support online work, like Zoom and Slack. It pushed companies toward the cloud and illuminated how vital it is to have good digital workflows, no matter what type of business you run.

    Learn More

    Tech Spotlight - Simplifying Compliant DevOps and Cloud Solutions image

    Tech Spotlight - Simplifying Compliant DevOps and Cloud Solutions

    Download the Tech Spotlight to learn more about how Contegix and Atlassian can support your agency's DevOps and Cloud missions.

    Learn More

    3 Ways Knowledge Sharing Can Empower Agency Staff to Streamline image

    3 Ways Knowledge Sharing Can Empower Agency Staff to Streamline

    A work culture full of organizational walls slows down projects, forces staff into frequent and frustrating knowledge searches, and eats up the time of experts who have to answer the same questions over and over. Without a way to store and access information they need across departments, divisions and functions, personnel end up stumbling around in the dark. In addition, having a bunch of knowledge siloes spread throughout the agency wastes a lot of time – and consumes often scarce agency resources. This is why knowledge sharing and management is crucial to both an organizations and its staff members success.

    Learn More

    Atlassian Opsgenie resource

    Top 10 Reasons Companies Are Choosing Opsgenie Over Competitors

    Over the last six months, Opsgenie's customer base has expanded significantly. It has become the tool of choice for teams that are new to operation always-on services, as well as those who have been left disappointed by alternative solutions. Here are the top ten reasons Dev and Ops teams are choosing... Learn More

    Atlassian resource

    How We’re Making Remote IT Work

    Almost everyone is reeling from the impact of a suddenly remote workforce. At Atlassian, we’ve been dealing with the same issues that other CIOs and IT teams are experiencing, and feeling the same pressure on our business-as-usual practices. Here are the most important things our team did in the first few days of this unprecedented situation that helped us adjust to this new way of working... Learn More

    Atlassian resource

    Remote Government Teams Need Agility for Successful Collaboration

    The ongoing process of shifting to remote work has changed the way we think about work. Agencies have been able to increase their talent options by hiring employees that are not located in the immediate vicinity of brick-and-mortar offices. And they have realized major cost savings on facilities and cost-of-living stipends. As a result, government team productivity has held steady or even increased over the last year. Agility is the secret to remote work success. But it’s not just about being able to pivot quickly. Effective collaboration at scale requires open, transparent communication and knowledge sharing in real time...Learn More

    Tech Spotlight - Transition to Agile Development & Leverage Modern Technology Atlassian resource

    Tech Spotlight - Transition to Agile Development & Leverage Modern Technology

    Download the Tech Spotlight to learn more about how Atlassian and Cprime can help your public sector agency adopt Agile development methodologies.Learn More

  • Atlassian Solution Briefs
    Atlassian DOD solutions brief

    Transforming the Department of Defense Public Web Service Desk with Atlassian

    Part of the Department of Defense, the Defense Media Activity (DMA) is the direct line of communication to U.S. forces worldwide, o­ffering news, information, and entertainment across many platforms. Find out how Atlassian provided the structural components to transform the DMA Public Web service d... Learn More

    Atlassian service management solutions brief

    Service Management for the Mission

    Service Management poses many challenges for government agencies, from meeting customer expectations to working within tightening budgets to keeping pace with the rapid pace of digital transformation. Check out this webcast summary for more information on how Atlassian can help modernize your IT tea... Learn More

    Atlassian technical account solutions brief

    Technical Account Management Service Benefits

    Does your agency's success depend on the software products you build and the teams who develop and support them? The Atlassian Technical Account Management (TAM) service is designed for you. TAMs are experienced solutions advisors from Atlassian-they can unlock the potential of your tools, improve t... Learn More

  • Atlassian Videos
    Atlassian Project Management summit

    Winning at Project Management with the Team Playbook

    Managing a project is about more than just tracking the work. Your project teams have diverse skill sets, report to different managers, and may even have different visions of what to deliver. How does a project manager unite their team and deliver the goods without losing sight of the goal? That's w... Learn More

    Atlassian Service Management video

    Atlassian’s ESM Approach

    Hear from Atlassian’s own Shayla Sander on how an ESM approach combined with Atlassian Tools can be just what your agency needs to ease the workload. Learn More

  • Atlassian Webinars
    Atlassian Security webcast

    Managing Security in an Agile Environment Webcast

    Discover how the Atlassian Tool Suite, specifically Jira and Confluence, may be used by agencies in order to track and manage security standards and procedures across your agile project. Learn More

    Atlassian Carahsoft webinar

    Carahsoft Geek Week: How Atlassian Software Enables DevSecOps in Government

    For agencies, achieving mission success increasingly hinges on modernizing legacy systems and transforming operations. The demand for flexible, digital services that can rapidly evolve at scale is growing. Atlassian helps agencies support an automated, fully integrated DevSecOps practice to deliver ... Learn More

  • Atlassian Whitepapers
    Atlassian Data Center whitepaper

    4 Reasons it is Time to Try Data Center

    Why now’s the time to think about Data Center Learn More

    Atlassian Data Center whitepaper

    Server to Data Center: The Tipping Point

    For many agencies, there comes a time in their Atlassian journey when they need more than what a single server or federated environment can provide in terms of availability and performance. As applications grow across an agency, they become mission-critical to every team's success. We call this the ... Learn More

    Atlassian Federal IT whitepaper

    Fueling Agile Success Across Federal IT

    The Federal Government identified incremental development and iterative project management practices as key to providing capability and flexibility to meet today’s dynamic policy and mission requirements. While the benefits of agile practices are clear, changing legacy processes to more agile meth... Learn More

    Atlassian performance whitepaper

    Performance at Scale: 10M issues and beyond with Jira Data Center

    Jira has a tendency to grow like wildfire in organizations around the world. With this growth comes some challenges; optimizing hardware, governing users, and general administration becomes harder as instances grow larger. Learn how the Data Center deployment option for Jira gives customers of any s... Learn More

    Atlassian Yale whitepaper

    How the Yale School of Management meets lofty service expectations in higher education with Atlassian

    Consumer expectations for service have surged in the digital era. These high standards now extend into professional settings too, where customers assume they will get the same quality service from their employer and colleagues as they do outside of work. Many businesses and organizations, especially... Learn More

    Atlassian Arizona state whitepaper

    Bringing agility to higher education at Arizona State University

    How the IT Department at Arizona State University is using agile practices and data to impact the future of higher education. Learn More

    Atlassian Opsgenie whitepaper

    5 stages of incident management and how to improve them

    In modern IT environments, change is the only constant. This means systems will continually be stressed in new and different ways. Teams that understand this, also understand that it’s not a matter of if - but when - systems will fail. Taking steps to prepare for these failures should be recog... Learn More

    Atlassian ITSM whitepaper

    Tips to Make a Lean, Mean ITSM Machine with Atlassian

    The ITSM mindset is shifting. In response, IT teams are switching to leaner, more agile approaches that value ease of use, collaboration, and knowledge sharing over complex, inflexible workflows. Learn how applying lean and agile principles can help IT teams gain efficiencies, stay nimble, and focus... Learn More

    Atlassian DevOps whitepaper

    DevOps with Atlassian: A Guide to Cloud Features

    Increased collaboration can come at a cost to developers. Instead of coding and building innovative solutions, developers can end up spending a big chunk of their day integrating multiple tools, updating work status, and sharing it with other teams. Learn More

    Atlassian accessibility whitepaper

    How accessibility & collaboration are crucial for your agency’s success and the tools needed to become a more inclusive team

    Digital accessibility worldwide can be made possible with the right tools and guidelines that ensure all your agency’s technology is 508 compliant. This is why Addteq’s Unstoppable and Excellentable applications are exactly what your agency is missing on its journey to a more accessible, collaborative, and inclusive team. Learn More

    Atlassian Jira Align whitepaper

    Jira Align: Key Steps toward an Adaptive, Efficient, and Effective Government

    As resources tighten, the requirements for legislative and performance reporting have increased. This shift has taken place in a dynamic environment that includes pandemics and emerging national and global threats. As a result, agencies must improve adaptability, flexibility, and scalability across their departments to meet their mission requirements. Learn More

    How to Navigate Canada’s Data Residency Requirements with Atlassian whitepaper

    How to Navigate Canada’s Data Residency Requirements with Atlassian

    As more Canadian government organizations adopt cloud-based applications, Canadian data residency policies have been increased to ensure maximum security. This brief overview will review Canadian government data residency policies and how Atlassian’s cloud can support their new security measures. Learn More

    Configuring Jira for Maximum Agility: A DoD Case Study whitepaper

    Configuring Jira for Maximum Agility: A DoD Case Study

    Ariel Partners, an Atlassian verified partner, illustrates Jira configurations, tips and tricks that were developed while supporting a large DoD customer that was migrating to Atlassian Jira to support their adoption of Agile and DevSecOps principles and practices. This whitepaper is a guide to help customize Atlassian’s Jira to fit individual teams specific needs and project deliverables. Learn More

  • Atlassian Digests
    Atlassian enterprise service digest

    How Enterprise Service Management Can Revolutionize the Government's Ability to Get Things Done

    In an age when information can be overwhelming and workers are remote, it is vital to manage teams and information efficiently and effectively. A recent i360Gov webcast detailed the powerful impact of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), which allows organizations to keep track of tasks and information while saving time and improving efficiency. This digest details a few of the essential insights regarding ESM’s revolutionary potential shared during the webcast Learn More

    Atlassian remote digest

    How Remote Team are Transforming the way Government Works

    2020 presented a challenge no one saw coming — the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep teams safe, government agencies quickly shifted to what most thought would be temporary remote working environments. However, as we move toward and into 2021, it is clear that remote teams are here to stay. Successfully supporting them and empowering productivity requires a new mindset and new tools. A recent i360GOV webcast explored how remote teams are transforming the way government works — and how forward-thinking agencies are meeting and exceeding mission mandates using an agile approach and platform for project management. Learn More

    Atlassian DevSecOps digest

    DevSecOps Sharpens the Tip of the Spear

    Cross functional communication, visibility, data organization, and distribution are crucial for U.S. government agencies. Unfortunately, important notes, to-do items and updates can often fall through the cracks. However, through the process of automation, the likelihood of missing information drastically decreases. The implementation and execution of DevSecOps practices can enable more fluid collaboration across development and support teams. Learn More

  • Atlassian Summary Sessions
    Key Note Day 1 and 2

    Keynotes Day 1 & 2

    Join Atlassian's Executive Chief Revenue Officer, Cameron Deatsch, as he lays out the strategic vision for Atlassian’s public sector. He’ll discuss industry strategy, key partnerships, along with the growth and investment areas that support today’s public sector missions. Learn More

    Project Management at Scale with Atlassian

    Project Management at Scale with Atlassian

    Explore automating tasks, new workflows, and better communications to deliver intelligent collaboration at scale. Learn about intuitive dashboards to help executive teams understand progress and make better decisions, faster. And ultimately, empower your team more effectively plan, track, and report out on work that moves the mission. Learn More

    Effective DevOps Pipelines with Atlassian

    Effective DevOps Pipelines with Atlassian

    Using Atlassian and AWS tools in common DevOps workflows, we'll demonstrate how to build a simple, multi-region pipeline that helps identify issues in testing, and to monitor and roll back changes in production in order to minimize impact. Learn More

    Jira Software for Government DevSecOps

    Jira Software for Government DevSecOps

    Atlassian helps agencies shift left and break free from siloed software development to open, collaborative DevSecOps—in the cloud, or in self-managed environments. This session will showcase how new features and updates in tools like Jira Software, BitBucket and Bamboo can help agencies ... Learn More

    Build, Test, and Release Faster with DevSecOps & Snyk

    Build, Test, and Release Faster with DevSecOps & Snyk

    The native Atlassian Bitbucket and Snyk integration now makes it easier to build, test, and release secure software faster and more reliably. Join this session to learn how to find, fix and monitor vulnerabilities natively, using Snyk security without leaving Bitbucket cloud. Understand how to automatically import code ... Learn More

    Jira Aligned for Unified Program Management

    Jira Aligned for Unified Program Management

    This session will show you how Jira Align integrates with Jira Software to connect teams and aggregate projects, portfolios and mission strategies from the ground up, delivering a real-time window to actionable data. Learn how to link strategy to execution, and still drill down into the individual data points ... Learn More

    Atlassian Arizona state whitepaper

    Bringing agility to higher education at Arizona State University

    How the IT Department at Arizona State University is using agile practices and data to impact the future of higher education. Learn More

    Jira Service Management for Enterprise Services

    Jira Service Management for Enterprise Services

    Many agencies often find digital transformation efforts expose issues within outdated, log-jammed or manually intensive internal service delivery workflows. Learn how Jira Service management not only enables agile ITSM services for daily IT operations and help desk workflows, but extends ... Learn More

    Trello for Agency Work Management

    Trello for Agency Work Management

    Join us in this session as we learn how to unleash the power of Trello, a FedRAMP authorized product, for individual and team work management. With Trello, government teams can create a secure central productivity hub that eliminates silos and distance, bringing everyone together in a virtual environment. Teams can leverage ... Learn More

    Free Training: Trello Tips & Tricks for Managing Team Workflows

    Free Training: Trello Tips & Tricks for Managing Team Workflows

    Join Caity Cogdell, Product Manager at Trello Atlassian, as she provides tips and tricks for public sector teams to use Trello’s simple, easy-to-use boards to view, share, track, and collaborate on tasks and projects. She will demo templates, workspaces, automation, advanced checklists ... Learn More

    Opening Keynote and Fireside Chat with Accenture

    Opening Keynote and Fireside Chat with Accenture

    Join Atlassian's Executive Chief Revenue Officer, Cameron Deatsch, as he lays out the strategic vision for Atlassian’s public sector. He’ll discuss industry strategy, key partnerships, along with the growth and investment areas that support today’s public sector missions. Learn More

    Lean Portfolio Management in a Scaled Agile Environment

    Lean Portfolio Management in a Scaled Agile Environment

    The implementation of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is on the rise across private and public sectors. How do you get started? And how do you ensure the implementation gains momentum and sustains it? Learn all about LPM from an expert in scaled agile environments, including success patterns ... Learn More

    How a Centralized Help Desk Enabled One Agency to Bridge Over 250 Facilities

    How a Centralized Help Desk Enabled One Agency to Bridge Over 250 Facilities

    The U.S. Bureau of Prisons has over 250 facilities scattered throughout the U.S. Each facility both manages its own IT and HR help desks, while relying on a large, geographically diverse set of centralized help desks that support centralized systems. Learn More

    Evolve Agency Services Delivery with Agile Practices

    Evolve Agency Services Delivery with Agile Practices

    What does it take to develop a truly agile organization that leads to individual and organizational transformation? Developing an agile organization emerges from the applied research Adaptavist have done over the years on agility, culture, organizational ... Learn More

    Confluence for Public Sector Knowledge Management

    Confluence for Public Sector Knowledge Management

    Learn about a better way to create, share and edit knowledge documents such as policies, FAQs, and meeting notes. Unleash your team’s full collaborative potential from any location with a way to manage knowledge that’s accessible, searchable, and built for real-time collaboration. Learn More

  • Atlassian Cloud Resources
    How Atlassian Cloud Achieves Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance thumbnail

    How Atlassian Cloud Achieves Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

    As more agencies migrate to cloud applications the risk of security and data breaches has also increased. With Atlassian Cloud, teams can now host their data in a secure area that complies with their agency’s regulations. Learn More

    3 Reasons Why Companies Choose Atlassian’s Cloud Platform   thumbnail

    3 Reasons Why Companies Choose Atlassian’s Cloud Platform

    With constant new updates IT software, it’s important for agencies to store data in a secure environment. Learn how Atlassian cloud can improve your team’s functionality while keeping data secure. Learn More

    Guide to Multi-Instance Scale in Atlassian Cloud whitepaper

    Guide to Multi-Instance Scale in Atlassian Cloud

    Adoption of Jira or Confluence often starts at the team level. But as organizations look to scale these products across the company, natural barriers such as geography, security and preference for specific workflows, Marketplace apps arise. It becomes critical to deftly balance the need for customizable solutions to meet the needs of individual teams while ensuring organization-wide governance and cross-team collaboration... Learn More

    Atlassian accessibility whitepaper

    8 Myths About Moving to the Cloud Debunked

    If you’re considering a move to the cloud, chances are one of your biggest concerns is security. A staggering 94% of businesses that have already made the move to cloud say security got better after the move—not worse. Not to mention the gains in profits, productivity, performance, scalability, and innovation. So, when it comes to security, what’s myth and what’s truth? Learn More

    Atlassian cloud whitepaper

    5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

    83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the end of 2020. Here’s why yours should be one of them. Learn More


Has your Atlassian deployment grown to support hundreds of users handling thousands of issues? Having seen how it works for your team, are other departments adopting Atlassian solutions to ensure they fulfill their missions? Have Jira, Confluence, and perhaps Bitbucket, Crowd, and Jira Service Desk ...


Apnatomy was tasked with improving visibility and insight into the project at various points in the workflow. To do so, we integrated and scaled modern tools from Atlassian’s suite of software applications, including JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Atlassian Solution Partners can help organizations implement, maintain, and optimize their Atlassian toolsets, offering services ranging from building out business continuity or disaster recovery plans to scaling out the number of users to general onboarding and configuration. Working together with ...

Government agencies must comply with security regulations and standards such as the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA), which deals with security threats, controls, and best practices. In addition, NIST 800-53 defines many security and privacy controls required for federal inform...

Adaptavist's Agile Mentoring brings expertise and hands-on techniques into government organizations to address innovation challenges. They start by aligning around delivering value and then helping to embed the agile mindset across an organization’s people, culture, and processes at every level. Men...

When managing self-hosted Atlassian products, no matter how much you feel your agency has overprovisioned things, it’s probably not enough—agency IT needs can grow rapidly overnight. Plan early, add extra, and set up your underlying infrastructure to allow it to scale rapidly.

Atlassian is now available on the United States Air Force Platform One. Platform One is a centralized team providing agile software development capabilities with baked-in security to DoD Programs. This combined with Atlassian DevSecOps tools, practices and support makes it faster and easier than eve...

Case Study

To help the Federal Government achieve IT modernization cost savings and efficiencies, agencies need a way to organize what needs to be done, develop and communicate a plan, and enable their teams to accomplish it...together.Federal agencies currently use Atlassian's integrated software to innovate ...

As VSCO grew from a photography app to a rapidly growing subscription business and vibrant global community of users, so too has their need for fast, effective collaboration. All it took was one Atlassian power user to unlock the tools’ – and their teams’ – potential


Government teams work hard to meet their stakeholders’ high expectations and deliver modern, streamlined, always-on services. To do this efficiently requires a flexible and collaborative service management solution that meets the unique mission requirements of government agencies. With Jira Service ...