Sitetracker, Inc. powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure. As the global standard for managing high-volume projects, the Sitetracker Platform enables growth-focused innovators to optimize the entire asset lifecycle. From the field to the decision makers, Sitetracker enables stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios. Market leaders in the telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy industries — such as Verizon, Nokia, Fortis, Alphabet, British Telecom, and Vodafone — rely on Sitetracker to manage millions of sites and projects representing over $19 billion of portfolio holdings globally.

Sitetracker is a modern cloud-based platform delivered as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”). Sitetracker can be accessed from any network or device that has access to the internet, including through native iOS and Android applications. Accurately capturing the complex relationships between sites, projects, and assets, Sitetracker enables project managers, executives, field services professionals, vendors, and more to access all necessary project information live. Hosted on advanced infrastructure offering the latest in secure protocols and a best in class uptime guarantee, Sitetracker integrates with customers’ existing enterprise systems to provide a single source of truth for project and asset information.


Sitetracker enables project managers to spend more time delivering projects and less time dealing with obstacles created by inadequate tools. Using Sitetracker leads to a significant increase in productivity and successful project completion.

  • A Platform Designed for a Broad Array of Complex Projects

    Traditional project management tools were traditionally designed for a single, significant project (i.e., a single cell tower). Managers need to handle thousands of sites at the same time, with numerous deliverable dates, rapidly changing statuses and a constant inflow of information from remote locations. With features such as Trackers, Sites, Projects, and Template Designer, Sitetracker handles large-scale project management so that the unique qualities of projects, such as telecom sites (such as hub-and-spoke configurations, or construction of new fiber rings) factor in the relationship between affiliate sites.

  • A User-Friendly and High-Performing Interface that Drives Adoption

    One of the reasons that Sitetracker has been successful is that its speed and usability drives unmatched levels of end-user adoption. Robust adoption leads to improved data quality and eliminates reporting issues stemming from data residing outside of the system of record. Legacy tools are often not able to drive user adoption - Sitetracker, by contrast, prioritizes end-user productivity and efficiency.

  • Unique Permissions Structure

    Permissions ensure that people have access to the information they’re supposed to. Sitetracker’s unique permissions structure allows a project manager to both encourage collaboration by keeping records open for viewing and ensure that the right personnel has access to the right data. Spreadsheets that have comments in date cells are not reportable, handcuffing the ability to gain actionable insights from the data. A robust permission structure ensures consistently accurate data. In Sitetracker, for example, the project manager doesn’t even have to worry about someone changing info, because every change is audited and tracked.

  • Auto-Forecasting and Advanced Project Scheduling

    Sitetracker has dynamic forecasts which are indexed for performance metrics and cascade automatically. If a project schedule date changes, Sitetracker auto-forecasts the other milestones and users get real-time notifications of any schedule changes made. This feature eliminates the need for PMs to constantly email team members for updates. Sitetracker Software-as-aService dramatically lowers costs and simplifies planning for operational expenses. Cloud-Based with Enterprise-Grade Security, Speed, and Stability Sitetracker leverages Salesforce.com’s best-in-class infrastructure to provide encrypted protection for all company data, as well as backup archival and disaster recovery.

  • Sophisticated Mapping Capabilities with the Ability to Tie Date, Field, and Other Asset Deliverables to a Physical Location

    The mapping function can plot all sites with overlays that convey information on zoning, jurisdiction, historic districts and other details. Managers can filter down to see projects by county, status, or other attributes. Sitetracker can be configured to provide data to public websites so users can see what improvements are in progress and what sites have already come online. This functionality has been used to keep residents and visitors aware of the progress of roll-outs of wifi-enabled kiosks in the city of one of Sitetracker’s smart city customers. Tower companies can use them to let potential customers know when a new site is available for lease.

  • Advanced reports and dashboards ensure all data is accurate and provide a high level view of projects

    Reports and dashboards make all the information you want to analyze easily accessible. Quickly create custom reports with the information you need — such as budget vs. actual spending or progress against important milestones — to identify issues, drive alignment, and allocate capital more efficiently. Then, use dashboards to get a birds’-eye view of your operations. Dashboards provide a global view of operations, allowing you to view multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) or other important metrics in a single view.


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