Elevate your Mission at the Edge

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, seamless connectivity and a resilient compute infrastructure that enables security, control, and flexibility, to manage critical infrastructure and sensitive citizen data, is a fundamental requirement for government agencies. Armada provides software, hardware, edge computing, and AI / ML applications in one single rapidly deployable solution, allowing data processing from IoT (Internet of Things) assets in real-time, reducing latency, and enhancing network resilience to elevate your mission at the edge.

Emergency Response

  • Minimize infrastructure and connectivity downtime following an emergency or natural disaster with Armada’s highly ruggedized, rapidly deployable, mobile data centers called “Galleons”.
  • Process edge data from IoT assets (weather and flood sensors, GPS trackers, drones, cameras and more) and deploy AL/ML applications at the edge to gain real-time insights and predictive analytics ahead of a potential emergency.

Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure 

  • Receive real time data processing, analysis, and decision-making capabilities for dams, railways, ports, and other critical infrastructure 

Environmental Monitoring 

  • Detect environmental abnormalities to help prevent economic losses, habitat destruction, and social disruptions 
  • Proactively respond to environmental threats using data collected at the edge for weather forecasting, air quality monitoring, water quality assessment, wildlife tracking, and precision agriculture  

Secure Sensitive Citizen Data 

  • Protect sensitive citizen data such as healthcare, justice, tax, and education records, by hosting data in a dedicated high compute environment with built in connectivity 
  • Adhere to data residency requirements and avoid cross border data transfers by hosting data on localized infrastructure 

Support for Military Missions 

  • Rapidly deploy high-compute capabilities that are adaptable to diverse and evolving mission needs 
  • Process large volumes of mission critical data such as video surveillance, drone footage, and sensor data for predictive or real-time response 
  • Enable centralized monitoring and management of widely distributed IoT assets 
  • Create a distributed and resilient network to prevent operational disruptions 

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