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Rethink Your Data Management Strategy

Many public sector organizations still rely on legacy, multi-point backup and recovery products that consist of backup software, target storage, media/master servers, and cloud gateways, all from different vendors. This architecture is not only complex and expensive to manage, but it causes long recovery times making organizations unable to meet their tight SLAs.

Cohesity simplifies your data management by converging backup, recovery, replication, and disaster recovery on a single, hyperconverged, cloud-native platform. As a unified, scale-out platform, Cohesity eliminates legacy data protection silos and simplifies management with a single user interface and policy-based automation. Meet your SLAs with sub-5 minute RPOs and instant mass restore to any point in time. And Cohesity supports leading application and infrastructure vendors.

Optimize for the cloud

Cohesity natively integrates with leading FedRAMP clouds including AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure Government, Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine and Cohesity-Powered service provider clouds to extend your on-premises data management solution to proven public cloud services. With Cohesity Helios, you can deploy a Cohesity cluster in the public cloud to protect cloud-native apps and enable replication from on premises for hybrid cloud. Cohesity cloud capabilities give you flexibility to leverage cloud for multiple use cases:

  • Backup: Back up and recover anything from on-premises, to cloud, to SaaS apps and data.
  • Long-term retention: Leverage cloud to archive data to low-cost cloud storage and eliminate the burdens of tape.
  • Storage tiering: Use cloud as a storage tier with policies to tier between hot, warm, and cold data, and retrieve back on-premises as needed.
  • Backup clouds: Protect cloud VMs and storage, platform services, and SaaS apps such as Office 365 with policy-based backup across services.
  • Disaster recovery: Enable cloud failover and failback with automation and orchestration of workloads over hybrid cloud.
  • Agile dev/test: Spin up on-premises virtual machines (VMs) in the public cloud for dev/test; set policies to schedule replication, VM conversions, and instance spin-ups.

Counter ransomware attacks

Data is a differentiator in the digital economy. That’s why data has simultaneously become the most valuable and the most targeted asset. Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your agency avoid paying ransom. Cohesity’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution features a multilayered approach to protect backup data against ransomware, detect, and rapidly recover from an attack. Cohesity’s unique immutable architecture ensures that your backup data cannot be encrypted, modified or deleted. Using machine learning, it provides visibility and continuously monitors for any anomalies in your data. And if the worst happens, Cohesity helps to locate a clean copy of data across your global footprint, including public clouds, to instantly recover and reduce downtime.​​

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