Zero Trust Document Generation for Government Agencies

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Generate. Encrypt. Distribute Documents in Total Privacy

Inkit, your Zero Trust document generation platform that has all the features you need, keeps ones you love, and adds features you never thought possible; and uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to deliver total end-to-end security and control over your documents.

Disappearing Documents

Generate documents that self-destruct based on your customized parameters. Set documents to expire after a period of time, after a specific amount of views, by manual intervention, or whatever else. Set this feature and automate document compliance.

Document Streaming

Our document streaming technology prevents end-users from copying or downloading files. We kill the ability to data trace and give you the power of true document privacy.

Roles & Permissions

Have total organization freedom and silo your documents in self-contained folders that you control. Grant access only to the users or systems with the correct credentials and API Keys. Inkit's Roles & Permissions features make Zero Trust Security easy.

Serverless Infrastructure

Generate and secure documents lightning fast. Avoid the hassle of having to build and maintain your own architecture with Inkit's serverless environment. And with Inkit's Document Generation API, you can infinitely scale your organization's HTML-to-PDF operations.