Virtual Mobile Devices for Advanced security research, testing, and development.

Corellium is the world’s most powerful virtual hardware platform for Arm-powered devices. It has been adopted by federal, state, and local government agencies and service providers around the world.

Corellium provides government agencies and service providers with virtual Arm-based devices, such as the iPhone and Android mobile phones, for Vulnerability Research, Exploit Research, Mobile App Pentesting, Malware Analysis, Cyber Ranges, Digital Twins, Mobile forensics, and DevSecOps.  These devices are truly virtualized, rather than emulated, in order to run firmware and applications natively. 

Corellium can also create customized Arm-based devices to meet government requirements, such as SOHO routers and IoT devices.

Corellium runs on both an on-premise, air-gapped, environment as well as in a public or private cloud environment.

Vulnerability Research
The Corellium Virtual Hardware platform provides never-before-possible security vulnerability research for iOS and Android with deep analysis and introspection tools. Its high accuracy, Arm-native models enable real security vulnerability discovery and exploit validation. 

Exploit Research
Users can strengthen their defensive cybersecurity capabilities with in-depth research, testing, and analysis. Discover vulnerabilities and exploits before the bad actors do.

App Penetration Testing
The Corellium platform not only virtualizes devices for static and dynamic application security testing (SAST and DAST), but includes a powerful suite of built-in tools to simplify OS, app, data, and network analysis and introspection.

Malware Analysis
Corellium allows users a sandbox environment for the detonation and analysis of malware.  Users are able to conduct advanced inspection of malware capabilities.  Devices can be configured and cloned to save valuable time by eliminating the need to reset and reconfigure devices after each test.

Cyber Range Support
Corellium allows a cyber range the ability to offer mobile and IoT devices on their platform at scale and without the logistic challenges of using physical devices.  This will increase the realism and complexity a cyber range can offer.

Digital Twins
Corellium can virtualize any Arm-64-based device, including the Arm-R valiant, allowing customers to create virtualized versions of hardware to run firmware natively.

Mobile Forensics
Users are able to take images pulled from physical iPhone and upload them onto a virtual model.  Users can then interact with the image as if it were running on the physical device.

Users are able to develop and test firmware and applications on a virtual model of the physical device, allowing developers in geographically disparate locations to work together without the need to ship the physical device.

Classroom Instruction
Corellium is used in the classroom as a replacement for physical phones.  Professors can create and configure a virtual phone and clone it out to each student.  This eliminates the logistical headache of purchasing mobile phones for each student.  It also allows for virtual classroom instruction. 

Customized Virtual Devices
Corellium offers a developer kit, allowing a trained developer with the proper background to create their own virtual models of Arm-based devices.

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