Transition to a digital campus is challenged by aging infrastructure, scarce IT resources, and budget limitations – where delivering an uninterrupted wired and wireless experience can at times be a daunting task. With Nile, higher education institutions not only consume their entire wired and wireless access network with a performance guarantee for coverage, capacity and availability but also free up capital and resources, ensuring superior total cost of ownership.  Nile Access Service is an end-to-end system for wired and wireless connectivity across schools, eliminating complexities of product-by-product deployments. It is designed to ensure continuous connectivity while safeguarding your infrastructure and student data. It automates network operations in software so that you can step away from network troubleshooting and bring laser focus on your educational initiatives.  As an 100% E-Rate eligible solution, Nile Access Service can be consumed under Category 2 Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS). By enabling a monthly or annual payment plan, we closely align with funds available to you within the E-Rate program.