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The OSINT platform that combines AI and human expertise to deliver decision advantage

Seerist Federal delivers the Seerist platform to US Government clients. Seerist is an applied AI platform that automates global risk and threat information gathering and analysis. Seerist collects and analyzes information from 6.8+ million unique OSINT sources, including news, social media, economic indicators, governance indicators, travel warnings, and weather. Seerist develops and delivers advanced AI algorithms that indicate where disruptive events are occurring and analyze how those events impact risk levels for every spot on the globe. Seerist’s algorithms enable tactical and strategic decision making by delivering both real-time breaking news and predictive analysis that forecasts operational threats before they happen.

In addition, Seerist is the only platform on the market that integrates AI-engines with human-verified events and analysis from 100+ expert global threat analysts at partner Control Risks. Seerist integrates expert human analysis with the AI generated analysis to categorize breaking events, detect abnormal activity, assess changes to risk, and provide continuously updated stability forecasts for every country, 8,000 regions, 1,200 cities and every US levels simultaneously.

Seerist is a web-based SaaS platform accessible using desktop, tablet, smart phones, as an API, and as Esri-based feature services. Seerist is an unclassified EAR99 commercially available TRL 9 capability. Seerist is currently deployed within DoD, the Intelligence Community, DHS, DoS, HHS, the White House, State Fusion Centers, over 500 private organizations and international governments.

Seerist is a proven force multiplier where it is currently employed. We provide a sample of some of the praise we have received from our USG clients below:

• “What you just did in 10 minutes takes me three days using PAI Toolkit today.” -Air Force Intelligence Officer

• “This is like artificial intelligence you see in the movies” – IC Ops Center Analyst

• “I start my day with Seerist’s Hotspots and leave in running all day to keep abreast of breaking events” – Ops Analyst

• “We found out about the attack at Bagram Air Force Base through a Seerist alert” – IC Ops Center Analyst

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