Automatic Transformation, Cleaning, and Quality Control for Any Unstructured Data Type

Artificial intelligence was a  $200 billion global market in 2023, will grow tenfold by 2030, and is remaking entire industries.

To face the exponential demand for AI-powered products and services, businesses need data pipelines that ingest, structure, translate, and update raw data into the clean, structured, synchronously integrated data that powers AI models. Due to the limitations of legacy data pipeline platforms, however, creating and managing pipelines for AI is still highly manual and labor-intensive, with few ready-made tools for pipeline assembly and maintenance.

MLtwist is revolutionizing the creation and maintenance of AI data pipelines with its innovative no-code solution, targeting the inefficiencies that burden data scientists and engineers while enabling the lineage tracking and auditability increasingly required for regulatory compliance. By creating pipelines that are both customized and reusable, MLtwist aims to drastically reduce the time that highly skilled data professionals spend on the labor-intensive, low added-value tasks of data preparation and cleanup that lead to delays in AI model training and significant financial losses. Studies estimate that skilled data professionals spend more than half their working hours on data preparation, and that these inefficiencies cost an average of $520,000 per company.

MLtwist delivers secure, transparent, comprehensive, end-to-end AI data pipelines that automate the entire data preparation, automated labeling, human in the loop labeling, and management process. MLtwist transforms, cleans, and provides line-by-line quality control for all data files for any unstructured data type, eliminating the need to choose and configure multiple tools for processing your AI data. Supporting a wide array of data types, including video, audio, text, image, and even the 3D DICOS format common in security applications, MLtwist drastically cuts the time and effort required for data processing. The platform seamlessly handles data extraction, batching, formatting, and conversion alongside data setup in appropriate labeling tools and team assignments. This level of automation not only speeds up model deployment but also allows data science teams to concentrate on enhancing data quality and developing models.

Defense Industry Highlights:

  • MLtwist’s customers include publicly traded companies in defense and the U.S. Government.
  • Stanford University is an MLtwist customer for the data processing used in some of their published research.
  • Capgemini listed MLtwist in their 2023 top Gen AI Data tools report.
  • Recently announced work on Palantir's FedStart.
  • Sponsored to process Department of Homeland Security SSI level data

Security and data protection are paramount with MLtwist, which employs cloud-at-rest encryption and avoids the manual operations typically performed on local machines, safeguarding data throughout the pipeline process. Moreover, MLtwist’s intuitive, zero-code interface opens up access to operational managers without requiring data science expertise for support.

A key benefit of MLtwist is its significant cost-saving potential. By reducing the time needed for manual data janitorial tasks from weeks to mere minutes, organizations can recoup substantial expenses and reallocate resources more effectively. The platform's versatility and compatibility with various cloud storage services further amplify its utility, ensuring smooth integration into existing workflows.

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