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#1 FedRAMP-Authorized Knowledge Automation Platform for Customer Engagement

eGain's highly-rated FedRAMP-approved Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution for digital-first, knowledge-powered customer engagement automation empowers government agencies to effortlessly provide digital-first experiences on a large scale – driven by AI, knowledge, and analytics. No other provider delivers such an extensive range of product capabilities on an open, secure cloud platform as eGain does for digital transformation of citizen experiences and empowerment of associates.

Reasons to Choose eGain:

  1. Industry Success: Proven success on a large scale with major government agencies, including the IRS, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and HMRC.
  2. Technology: Unified omnichannel hubs for knowledge, conversations, and analytics, powered by conversational and generative AI, ML, and analytics, enable government agencies to enhance citizen experiences across various touchpoints. The BYO (Bring Your Own) architecture allows seamless integration of your own building blocks—such as desktops and LLMs—into the solution.
  3. Security and Compliance: eGain is FedRAMP authorized and complies with privacy and security standards like PCI, NIST SP 800-53, and HIPAA. Prioritizing security and compliance ensures that citizen data is handled in accordance with relevant regulations, preserving privacy and earning the trust of citizens.
  1. Quick Value: The platform offers robust out-of-the-box functionality, eliminating the need for toolkits and lengthy development projects. Government agencies can rapidly realize business benefits without the need for extensive development and integration projects.
  2. Domain Expertise: With over two decades of experience serving public sector clients, eGain brings unparalleled domain expertise to the table.
  3. Ease of Innovation: A unique, non-billable, risk-free production pilot—distinct from a mere toy sandbox—allows you and your team to experience the solution without charge and obligation.

Government leaders place their trust in eGain!

• After implementing the eGain Knowledge Hub, a large federal government agency diverted up to 70% of incoming calls to virtual assistance, reduced case handling time by 25%, and enhanced form-filling with detailed knowledge assistance within forms. These powerful capabilities elevated their agent engagement to an impressive 92%, surpassing the industry benchmark of 67%.

• Another sizable federal government agency achieved "phenomenal success" with the eGain Knowledge Hub, empowering 25 million users and 128,000 contact center agents and other customer service personnel with consistent and accurate information and guided customer service processes, all compliant with regulations. Thanks, in part, to eGain, their position in the Forrester CX Index surged by 33% in 2021 compared to 2020!

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