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Quantum Security and Data Encryption Solutions for the Public Sector

Qrypt's mission is to protect the world's data by providing the strongest encryption foundation for government organizations, agencies, and institutions.

  • Qrypt Quantum Security enhances security by eliminating the need to transmit encryption keys.
  • Qrypt's solution is designed for easy integration with existing systems, minimizing downtime and disruption to operations.
  • By partnering with Qrypt, public sector organizations can get quantum secure now while transitioning to NIST standards and NSM compliance.

Qrypt's founders have decades of experience in U.S. government service and the intelligence community and prioritize exceeding government mandates and expectations. Their unique technology generates one-time pads and symmetric keys at multiple endpoints, providing quantum security, reducing technical debt, and simplifying workflows.

Public sector institutions can become quantum-secure against sophisticated threats today and redirect resources toward innovation and growth by implementing Qrypt's solution. Qrypt offers enhanced security against quantum-based threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and regulatory fines.

  • Qrypt makes it easy to implement quantum-secure solutions that keep your data safe from evolving threats.
  • Their containerized quantum-secure solution integrates with existing workflows, applications, and infrastructure with no added hardware or disruption to operations.
  • Their on-demand cloud services provide quantum-secure protection with global reach and scalable capabilities.

Qrypt's team of top-notch engineers, physicists, and cryptographers, including renowned Chief Cryptographer Yevgeniy Dodis, is dedicated to creating a new standard in encryption security.

Choose Qrypt for quantum-secure protection that exceeds government requirements and keeps your sensitive data and communications safe from today's and tomorrow's threats.

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