Maximize Public-Sector Productivity and Mobility with Zebra

Whether the public sector mission is community safety, human services, education, healthcare, or national security, when you need to be more mobile, more responsive and more secure, you need Zebra. From rugged mobile devices that enhance first responders’ situational awareness to RFID solutions that improve utilization of valuable assets, Zebra helps public sector employees perform under any conditions.

Zebra’s industry-leading barcodes scanners, printers, and RFID solutions make it easier for public-sector organizations to capture data in real time. And our enterprise-level mobile computers and rugged tablets enable secure, on-the-go workflows that enhance productivity and raise service levels in everything from law enforcement to healthcare.

Doing more with less means getting the most from every technology solution. Zebra makes it possible as a one-stop technology partner for public sector agencies.

Public Safety: Better information, tracking and real-time awareness.

Zebra’s data capture, mobile computing and printing solutions allow first responders to better respond to events in real time, raising the level of service in everything from citations to emergency response.

Federal, State & Local Agencies: Deliver services more smoothly and efficiently.

Zebra’s innovative identity, mobility and real-time tracking solutions offer cost-saving support for government agencies at any level, anywhere.

Education: Enhance campus safety and security.

From e-citation tools that streamline parking enforcement to identity management solutions that enhance student safety, Zebra makes campus operations easier and more efficient.

Public Sector Healthcare: The right care, for the right patient.

Zebra offers a wide range of purpose-built healthcare solutions, from mobile computers built to withstand harsh disinfectants, to printers, scanners, wristbands and labels that ensure positive patient identification.

Department of Defense: Improve awareness.

From the battlefield to the exchange/commissary, Zebra’s logistics solutions help the military track the location, condition and availability of assets, inventory and personnel.

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